Thursday, May 12, 2016

Storytime: My NYC Roommates Have an Attitude with Me and Get Caught in a Lie Days Before I am Moving In (with text evidence)!!!

So, this is a continuation of my last Storytime: 4 days to find a place to live in NY and avoiding scamming brokers of the city.

Where we last left off; I avoided being scammed by a lying broker who was completely unhelpful in getting me a NY apartment, by instead finding a room for rent by the tenants instead of trying to get a lease with a landlord who won't except people who aren't VERY well off.

Flashback to when I went to see the room and later that day, met all of the roommates. My roommates are a husband and his wife and their friend, to avoid using their real names, I'll call them Husband, Wife, and Friend. Husband showed me the basement space, it was one large room with a half bathroom. Husband said that the whole space will pretty much be mine, except for some stuff the were storing in the back corner portion of the room. When I asked if I would also be allowed to store things there, he said "I don't see why not", they had about 1/4 of that area filled with their stuff so I knew I would have plenty of room for storing my stuff there. He told me he would build a large bedroom where I would sleep, and add a shower to the half bathroom, these were their plans for the space so that they could rent it out. I later learned that they also planned to make a small bedroom in the storage area for guests. The space is actually kind of large so I thought they were going to maybe leave a storage area or either I could still store my stuff in there, just left to one side of the room and a bed could go on the other, fine. All of these renovations were going to be completed within the month before I got there so they said, great. Everything was friendly, sounded like a plan and a large space for me and my stuff, because as I told them and tell everyone, I have A LOT of stuff. They wanted to debate on which person to rent to for a few days, OK, well I am in the meantime leaving in the morning to head back to Pittsburgh and finish packing and things because I was moving to NY with or without that specific room, I could have let the movers put my stuff in storage for 30 days which was an included service had I told them in advance.

A few days later Wife, the main correspondent for this whole renting situation, texts that they chose me as the roommate in the basement. Hooray! I go about telling all my friends how although it's unfortunate that I wasn't getting my own apartment, that I was getting a whole basement space which is the size of a 1 bedroom apartment, so it's cool and a little less than an actual 1 br apt. That was when I started texting to know about the progress of the renovations and dimensions of all of the spaces, so I'll know how to fit my stuff. Ducked, and dodged every time, at first I'd get a "it's not done yet but try again next week, it'll be done then", and then I would get ignored or told that "I'll send the dimensions later" but then never received them. And as I was planning a big move, I didn't have time to dedicate all my time hounding them for information about the construction progress which Husband, a carpenter, was doing himself, which means that he can do it any time in the day that he has free.

Cut to a few days before my moving day, my sister informs me that she, my niece, and my dad are all coming to take me to NY and will stay the night and help me move in. I don't see a problem, we'll all be down in the basement, no big deal...WRONG! I texted Wife just fyi, my dad, sister, and niece will come up maybe stay a few nights with me and help me move in. Insert attitude! Actually insert the texts! *I am the picture, Wife is the bubble with a heart inside.



Can someone explain why I am getting attitude for having family move me to another state? Can someone explain why it is my fault that you didn't do your part that was to construct the basement shower that we would use? How is this a reason to be having an attitude and making a problem before I even move in? How is it not expected that someone moving long distance alone wouldn't have some sort of support or help at least upon moving in? Please someone answer this questions for me.

So where I said that "if this is just how you are then we would not make a good fit as roommates...", I should have stuck would that and took that last chance to get out of dodge.

This was the first warning sign of problems to come, right before I was on my way. But what could I do a couple days before moving, after I already put my deposit and signed the agreement? So I figured I can deal with it just keep to myself for 7 months then I'm done. But no, stay tuned for the biggest train wreck in this whole ordeal thus far in my next storytime...

*please excuse the alignment of these photos, blogger never wants to allow me to easily move around and properly align photos, the struggle is soo real!

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