Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4: Carol, Bob, Seek Help!

I can't hold it in any longer, I have to let the Biologist out of me.  The nonsense in this episode requires a bit of a review session.

The Entertainment Weekly Walking Dead episode 4 recap is here, what I thought were standout points are below.


Rick & Carol's supply run;  Carol is obviously feeling bad since Rick isn't praising her on a barbecue job well done.  Carol is really mentally unstable, is in all types of denial, trying her hardest to justify what she did.  Rick is like NO, YOU'RE CRAZY! You decided all by yourself that you were going to kill these people, you should have had a discussion with the GROUP, you're not the only decision maker!  I agree with Rick.

What pissed me off about this whole burn-these-sick-people-immediately-to-prevent contamination plan, from the first sight of the charred victims is that it's just plain brainless!  I know that she's training really hard to be the medical assistant of the group, but Carol is not a doctor, and here's the kicker, THEY HAVE A DOCTOR ON HAND!  Not just one, but two!  Granted one is an animal doctor, but still, who told her that she knows more than people who went to medical school and worked as doctors for years?!  It must have been little Luna Lovegood of the zombie world, Carol's newly adopted daughter who thinks that zombies are people that are "just different".  Why couldn't she just ask the doctors if killing and burning the two sick people would keep the zombie flu from spreading? 

Carol clearly doesn't even know the first thing about how illnesses are transferred because she didn't even realize that there's no point in trying to be overly cautious now, you have all already been exposed!  Viruses and bacteria have already been in your body a while before you ever start showing symptoms.  So the people who are sick in prison, have been infected and spreading their germs for days now.  Along with the fact that the people who started showing signs of sickness were allowed to cough all over the prison and everyone in it, before they decided that it was a good idea to quarantine them.  Everyone has been coughed on already and breathing the same infected prison air, so how you trying to kill the contaminants after you've already been contaminated?!  You're all likely carriers of the virus now, so either you'll get sick (like most of the people did) or you're immune to the effects (like the others who didn't get sick).

Plus, by the time Carol did think to kill the two sick people, they were already in seclusion away from everyone else, thereby not spreading anymore of their germs.  Why couldn't she just leave them there?  Nooooo, this genius went and killed them, dragged their bloody infected body all over the prison, burned them right outside the front door, and left the bodies there!  That is definitely the OPPOSITE of being sanitary!  She didn't even bother to try to clean up the blood trails!  What if the disease is also transferred by blood?  Now anyone can easily get the sickness because it's all over the floor and walls! 

And Carol, since you know more than the two doctors that are sitting right upstairs, I'm sure you at least properly cleaned yourself before coming back into the main part of the building, since you have been handling contaminated specimens.  You washed your body and got rid of your clothes and shoes before going back into the prison right?  WRONG! I guarantee that know-it-all-Carol trailed the infected people's blood all over their part of the prison, and she probably didn't wash her hands either, so she likely spread the virus to every surface that she touched!  Carol, if everyone wasn't already exposed to the virus before, you definitely made sure that the virus got to every single person in the prison, thanks to your brilliant virus containment plan that didn't need an actual doctor's approval.  You are officially the dumbest member of the human race (that is left), please don't reproduce.  Zombies are even better than you, at least they are learning new useful tricks like how to join together and knock down fences!

On the subject of infection spreading.  Everyone needs to calm down about Hershel going into the infected prison cells and taking off his mask.  He's a doctor, so he likely knows (even though Governess Carol didn't) that they've already been exposed, and either he'll get sick or he's likely immune since he isn't showing signs of the illness as of yet.  He probably just doesn't want to tell everyone else that they've already been exposed because people might panic.  But even Carl knew, he said, "cut the crap dad, I was already exposed, I must be immune.  DUH!"  Carl, that boy, this is the type of crazy everyone needs to become!  He's like 12 years old acting like a 35 year old!  He's smarter than everyone, more strategic, good at putting two and two together, and good at killing zombies.  Carl will soon be my favorite at this rate.  You go little boy!

Holly hobbles a lot and Larry limp arm;  What kinda useless people are they that they locked themselves in a room scared to come out because of 1 single pajama wearing zombie?!?  Are they serious?  They were probably gonna stay in there forever and starved had Rick and Carol not gone into their house and killed the zombie for them.  Well at least they were willing to prove themselves useful, only to prove themselves even more useless than we thought. Rick gave them weapons and Carol fixed Larry's arm, yet as soon as they walk out the door Holly loses her leg and gets eaten?!   Her crooked leg wasn't even good enough for the zombies to eat!  They said get that pathetic useless thing out of here, we'll take the rest.  I mean seriously, did they really not even try to splint her broken leg up so it could heal straight?  It doesn't take a rocket scientist or high tech equipment.  Sticks and string would have worked, but I know they could have found better at one of the many stores there are or maybe in someone's house.  But then again, they were scared to face 1 zombie, let alone the many that could be hiding in a store.  How on earth did those weaklings survive 2 minutes on their own?  Wow, just wow.

I guess their's still hope for Larry, his arm is fixed and we didn't see any parts of his body, so maybe he's a little stronger than Holly was, and is alive somewhere.

Tyreese and his death wish;  He don't give a crap about nothing!  Bob's like, stop playing in water, we're leaving, Tyreese just ignores him and does what he wants.  They're trying to find a door to a building that hopefully contains medicine, Tyreese is hacking at the weeds like a lunatic.  Zombies start coming through the weeds, grabbing at them, instead of killing it or getting it off of him (like the others did, like a sane person would do) Tyreese decides to try to help the zombie through the weeds.  He pulls and pulls and won't let go of the zombie.  I guess he's thinking, "oh, you wanna grab me zombie?  How about I grab you back!"  The rest of the group is like, "this dude be crazy!"  I'm going to request that he finds a book on anger management while they're supply hunting.

Bob's sob story;  Boohoo, I became an alcoholic in order to sleep at night.  I'm recovering though, I even put the bottle I was thinking about taking before back.  You know, the bottle that broke the shelf causing zombie bombs to fall through the roof of the store we were at which got a kid killed?  Yea, that's proof that I'm no longer an alcoholic...Darryl should have asked him how he ended up being the only survivor of his two prior groups, cause that don't add up.  Bob ain't a good fighter at all, that became clear when he was trapped at the store, when we had to watch him try to shoo the zombie away while screaming for help like a little BIATCH!  So how did he manage to survive when no one else did, not once, but twice?

Not unexpectedly, as they are escaping the building that they raided, Bob-the-idiot trips.  He almost falls into a bunch of waiting zombies, doesn't but now he's in a tug of war with the zombies below who have grabbed his bag.  He really seems willing to die over this bag, Bob really refuses to let it go.  Finally he manages to pull it from the zombies' grip and flings his bag on the rooftop.  He seems kinda panicked as his bag flies through the air, when it lands we know why, we hear the clink of glass.  Bob's obviously worried that something he collected is broken.  Darryl is suspicious and looks in the bag to find what?  A bottle of alcohol.  This fool was risking being pulled into a pit of zombies just to save a bottle of booze!  Darryl is livid and threatens to cut of Bob's balls and make him eat them (or something equally as scary) if  anybody dies because of him.  Bob-the-dumbass-alcoholic probably pee'd a little in his pants by the look or terror on his face.  I've got to point out that Darryl is super hot when threatening stupid people's lives.  I wouldn't have held it against you if you had just threw him in the pit of zombies though Darryl.

Finally, Rick has to let Carol go.  Thank goodness!  I couldn't stand how hypocritical Carol was being.  She was telling Rick to take back his leadership role and start making hard decisions again, but then she was trying to tell him what decisions to make.  Trying to force him to think that what she did was acceptable.  Well no Carol, it wasn't acceptable.  Even if Rick wasn't in his right state of mind to make decisions, there's at least 3 other people you could have discussed your plan with!  Plus, you even killed someone who will be missed, and what is Tyreese supposed to be kicked out instead of you, when you're the one who was wrong?  Because there's no way you two can live peacefully together again.  You killed probably his only chance at a good wife in a world with a limited supply of trustworthy humans.

Rick told her (roughly), "I can't bring you back to the prison, away with you!"  Sad that it had to go down like that, but it's her own fault for trying to run things on her own.  Making your own decisions, especially about who should die doesn't work very well with the prison folks.  She should have known they weren't cool with that by the way they all hate the governor.  Why you acting like the person you know they hate the most, but expecting them to suddenly be OK with the dictator way of life?  You really should SEEK HELP!  Or become The Governess of your own community.  We don't care what you do, just don't do it here!  Adios Carol.

Now if only they will get rid of that nut job Bob before he also gets people killed.

Friday, November 15, 2013

I Love Technology But Technology Hates Me

I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!  My technological advances are failing me and it's F-ing up my mood! People, stay far away from me because my tolerance level is low, which means that any amount of stupidity from you might get you cussed out!

Here are the issues (deep breathe); my phone is F-ing slow, my netbook is F-ing slow, my laptop is thinking about trying to start being slow, my cable box is F-ing slow, my tablet randomly decides to freeze so that it needs restarted, my camera is just super old and needs upgraded, both of my alarm clock radios make a weird robotic sound every so often, and my precious beautiful 47 inch TV has a white line going across the top of the screen.

Rage Gifs -- When You Wanna Smash Something

Rage Gifs -- When You Wanna Smash Something

Can you feel my RAAAAGGGEEEE????????

Why you gotta do me like that electronics?  Why?  I am trying to stay calm, I realize that I may be part of the problem because I probably am using too much memory, but WTF, why give me memory if you ain't gonna work right when I use the memory?

My phone is my main cause of stress.  It will be the first to get thrown across the room.  This thing has caused me problems since day 1.  I should have paid more attention to the warning signs, and got rid of it immediately instead of giving it chance after chance to get better.  I have a Motorola Droid Razr (the original), and yes it was the best phone 2 years ago, but I got a dud!!!  Thank god my contract is almost up because I CAN NOT WAIT to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Samsung Galaxy S5 (no an Iphone is not an option, I'd rather keep what I got then go there).  I got my eye on you Samsung and I will make you mine, COUNT ON IT!

I don't know what my phone's problem is but all I know is when it gets in a dgaf mood, it takes about 20 whole minutes to do any one thing on it:

I press to skip to the next song, wait wait wait, now skip.  Oh thanks phone, you took so long that the song is now over and the next song is already playing.  WTF but you just skipped this song, which is what I wanted to hear!  RAGE!

I press to make a note to self so I don't forget, wait wait wait, hey the note finally popped up!  Now what did I want to remind myself?  The phone took so long that I forgot what I wanted to remember while waiting for the note app to pop up.  RAGE!

I press to wake my phone from sleeping, wait wait wait, well now the screen took so long to unlock that the phone went back to sleep again.  RAGE!

I press to answer a call that's coming in, wait wait wait, oh finally it answers, too late, caller already hung up. RAGE!

I press to quickly take a video of a giant monster that suddenly came out of the river, wait wait wait, too late, the monster ate a person and went back underwater before I could get video evidence.  Suzy just got eaten! RAGE!

I can't deal with the slow!  It's giving me a severe case of RAGE!  Ain't nobody got time for that!  I been trying to be cool with my phone and find ways to like it more.  But even with this cute case looking back at me like this

I can't.  Stitch, your cute ain't cutting it, you gonna go flying out the window along with this piece of S*** PHONE!!

And this netbook will be following close behind you.

Thank goodness it's almost Black Friday!  This holiday season and in the next few months I am on the prowl for deals on a phone, nettablet, and camera.  I am so over the stress of slow technology.  My electronics don't love me anymore and our relationship is now toxic, so they're getting dumped and replaced!

Bye Bitches!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Taeyang and Ringa Linga, #9 on Kpop Billboard Chart!

I have a special love for Big Bang, as they were the first kpop group that I "discovered" when I decided to explore the genre this past summer.  I came across their song - Fantanstic Baby and was suddenly a Big Bang fan.  For those interested, join me in the obsession, WOW, FANTASTIC BABY, DANCE...

While watching this video repeatedly, I singled out Taeyang as my favorite (for his hotness) and G Dragon as my other favorite (for his weirdness).  So the youtube stalking began...

I found another favorite Big Bang song - Bad Boy, I found the dance practice (an awesome thing done in kpop, posting videos of dance practice), and I found out that some members have solo songs (which is apparently another awesome thing commonly done in kpop groups).

All the things I found while stalking Taeyang and G Dragon, just made me love them more.  I realized that they both are super awesome dancers, and Crayon is just my favorite thing ever (oh G Dragon you are the weirdest, and I love you for it)!  I'm not as obsessed with their music as I am obsessed with their talent (and Taeyang's looks).

That being said, I was happy to hear that Taeyang was coming out with a new solo album.  Happy to get to see him, but I didn't have high hopes for the music.  Turns out, I had it backwards.

Taeyang went from this:


To this:

And his music went from pop/electronic/synthesizer/annoyance:

To legit r&b/hiphop:

I totally love the song and could watch him dance all day long!  He and GD are the best hip hop dancers in kpop (in my opinion).  Bonus, there are black people in the video, and white people too!  Yay for diversity in kpop!  Now I love you even more Tey Tey!

The dance video for Ringa Linga is definitely my favorite, and apparently it was done all in one take.  WHAAATTT????!!!  Taeyang, you're the best!  Here's more about the video in this Billboard article.  Apparently G Dragon produced it, awesome job GD!

But um, what the heck is with the bleached blonde plaits?!  Idk if that's weave or his real hair, but if I get within arm's reach of his hair looking like that, I'm cutting those ridiculous strands off!  Who told him that was OK?  I would really like to know what he is thinking with that hair!  And the skirt he keeps wearing (Mnet performance video) is also ridiculous.  Is he trying to look like a dwarf?  Wearing baggy clothes already makes his body look much smaller, but a knee length skirt on top of it makes him seriously look 3 foot 2!

Taeyang, you're still really cute and super talented, but I can not approve of your look.  If looking hot is your goal, this is not doing it.

I still love you though.  Do what you want and do it well.  If you want to rock the blonde buckwheat grunge hiphop cross dresser look, YOU BETTER WERK!  And I will keep in mind that although your hair, makeup, and clothing may not always make you look your best, when you take it all off there's still...

 Taeyang (Dong Young-bae): Deadliest Stripper

So just go nude if you REALLY wanna look your hottest. When you're Taeyang, you're so perfect natural that added things like makeup and um, clothes only take away from your beauty.

I still love you and so does everyone else because you are already #9 on the kpop billboard chart.  YAY TAEYANG!!!

Additional  Taeyang stalking can be accomplished by way of Twitter and Instagram, follow him if you want more Taeyang (and his adorbs puppy Homie).

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3: Tyreese, Carol, CUT IT OUT!

Oh my my my, episode 3 was too much!  Too many loads of crap, I don't even know what I would do if I had to deal with the stupidity!  Let's just get into it because basically this whole episode was one dumb move after another.  Remember, a real recap can be found on Entertainment Weekly, here.


Episode 3, message to Tyreese, I'mma need you to PIPE THE FRICK DOWN, in the words of Jenna Marbles.  OK, your girl got killed, but you don't know who did it, so don't be flipping out and threatening everyone in site like they're all guilty!  I can't stand when people take things out on people who don't deserve it.  If he were to think about it for 2 seconds he'd realize that she was just about dead anyway, someone just killed her a little sooner.  Not saying that it was OK to kill her, or them, but they were definitely going to die anyway.  Tyreese over there talking bout some, "Rick, you're a cop, you find who did this and you bring 'em TO ME!" First of all, back the fudge up!  Second of all...NO!  You telling him to act like a cop and find your girl's killer, and in the same breath you telling him to bring the person to you so you can be the trial judge and jury yourself?  EEEEEEE (buzzer sound), WRONG ANSWER!  Either y'all gonna follow the law or you ain't, it's not follow the law only until I feel like breaking it myself.  You don't make sense Tyreese, please go take a seat somewhere and PIPE THE FRICK DOWN!

See Jenna's video for more instruction.
Best scene of the episode was when Tyreese had the nerve to punch Rick for trying to get him off of Darryl (whom he already punched), Rick beat the incredible Hulk right out of him.  I mean Rick beat him to a bloody pulp.  WHOOP WHOOP!  GO RICK!  Rick ain't got no time for that!  Thank you Rick, for bringing Mr. Tyreese down a few notches.

But I really do feel bad for Tyreese.  He looked really pitiful digging a grave like a maniac with his one good eye.  Rick messed. him. UP!

Meanwhile, back in the jail, everybody and their mom is now sick with the zombie flu, including my favorite, Glenn :-(

Aww fiddlesticks!  So you're telling me that the genius who set the other two sickos on fire didn't stop it from spreading?  That imbecile and their grand idiotic idea to stop a virus that everyone had clearly already been exposed to wasn't able to turn back time to before everyone had all been hanging out together even after the first zombie flu attack?  I'll rant more about that later.

So now Darryl and the gang have to go looking for antibiotics for the zombie flu before everyone turns into, well, zombies.  They pick their best car, pack it, check everything to make sure that they will have a smooth trip, and finally they're ready to go.  They get on the road and what do they hear?  Voices on the radio, VOICES!  All members of operation antibiotics (the people in the car) are super interested in hearing the radio broadcast.  If it's current then that means that there are more survivors and probably a safe haven somewhere.  Yay!  Well everyone knows that you can't listen to radio voices using only you're listening organs, your ears.  Oh you didn't know?  Well let Darryl show you how listening should really be done.  See you also need to be looking at the radio in order to hear it.  But that's not enough either, follow Darryl's lead as he leans in closer to get an even better view of the voices that he is hearing on the radio.  Remember folks, Darryl is driving as well as listening, with his eyes.  This is where I scream at the TV, "eyes on the road Darryl!"  Nope, too late, after taking dang near 4 hours being extra meticulous in preparing the car, they crash it within 5 seconds, because the driver had to LOOK at the voices that he was hearing on the radio (voices are not seen! Why Daryl, WHY?)

What did they crash into?  Oh, just an elephant dump load of zombies.  Yes, they ran right into a horde of thousands of zombies (again with the zombies traveling in packs).  Obviously these zombies got a previous zombie's carrier pigeon note saying that people are that'a way.  So I'm assuming that all the zombies are on their way to the jail (good luck trying to hold [literally, hold] the fence up against all these zombies when they arrive)...

At some point in the show, Carol does probably the dumbest thing that anyone in a zombie Apocalypse could do, she leaves her safe zone (within the jail walls) to go out and do work that requires her to focus (unclog a pipe), WITHOUT A LOOKOUT!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  There's absolutely no excuse, she must be missing some brain cells, like lots of brain cells!  She's in a "town" that includes 10s of other people, she definitely could have asked someone to keep a lookout! Even a child would do (since many people were sick).  General rule of thumb, in a zombie apocolypse, use the buddy system whenever possible.  Get it together Carol!

On top of that, she obviously has her own rule, that you are safe until a zombie can actually reach out and touch you, because even though she saw zombies coming she thought it was OK to keep doing what she was doing until she was surrounded with zombies on all sides!  And if that wasn't enough, she stabbed a zombie but her knife got stuck, so instead of leaving it and running away to safety, she wanted to attempt to pull the knife out of the zombie's head.  She pulled and pulled up until a zombie came up and grabbed her.  Carol dear, is a knife that important?  Could you not have waited until later to go back for the knife, when the zombies thinned out?  I'm pretty sure the knife wasn't going anywhere since it was in a dead zombie's skull, the zombie's not moving so your knife isn't moving.  Just wait and avoid risking your life for reasons such as stupidity!  Food, yes.  Medicine, yes.  Stupidity, no!

Darryl and clan must abandon their car (after all that preparation, I just can't even deal with the fact that they did all that work just to basically destroy the car because he wasn't paying attention) because he ran over sooo many zombies that they piled under the tires making driving impossible.  They decided to do a "1,2,3, run for your life!" move to escape from the car that is now surrounded by zombies.  So on 3 everyone jumps out of the car and fights their way through the zombies and into the woods.  Woe-is-me-Tyreese decides that he wants to stay in the car instead of head for the woods (and away from the zombie hoard) though.  Somehow, although all the doors are wide open (because the rest of them ran for cover) none of the surrounding zombies went into the car to eat Tyreese, so he's just sitting there contemplating life and death (or maybe he's thinking about last night's dinner) until he finally hears Bob yelling for him to get out and run to safety.

Tyreese's idea of running for safety; he gets out of the car and calls all the zombies to come and get him as he wildly hacks all nearby zombies with his small butcher type knife (clearly he is still mad at the world and wants to hit things).  Since Tyreese called all the zombies, he's now fully surrounded and no one can see him anymore.  There's no hope in helping him, so the others leave him there to hack up zombies until he can't hack no more.

Come and get me zombies!

Who can spot the Tyreese going wild with tiny knife?
Meanwhile, at the prison Rick is silently observing the surrounding areas to find clues about the fire murders.  He follows the trail of blood, gives it an intense stare, spots Carol, and figured it out, BAM!  That's how mysteries are solved people!  Now for the confirmation.  He asks her if she did it, she says yes.  As simple as that!

Wow.  Really Carol, really?  You kill two people on a whim, for a reason that seemed like a good idea in your head, but was actually a bad idea, and you're going to act like it's no big deal?  You are on the path of Governess.

Now for a quick math lesson, large angry man + small knife + x zombies = large angry man with small knife and 0 zombies!  Tyreese and his psychotic hack fest really worked because he somehow managed to escape being literally covered in hundreds of zombies without being bit at all! Totally legit mathematical equation right there, take notes.

I have to say, it was pretty frickin awesome how Darryl stops to see whats coming at them.  It's two zombies, he aims to shoot an arrow in it's head, it falls, and right behind it is Tyreese.  HE'S ALIVE!!!  How on earth did they hide that big bulldozer of a man behind a regular sized zombie though?  I guess a combination of baggy clothes wearing zombies, awesome camera work, and or editing

I guess he was dealing with simple bully zombies, not hungry zombies.  They only wanted to claw at him and cop a few feels instead of eat him.  But I'm OK with this.  If the looney governor can survive being trapped amongst a horde of zombies with no escape route in site, so can Tyreese.  Let's just hope he's less suicidal in the future...

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episodes 1 & 2: I Call Horse Manure!

The Walking Dead on AMC is literally my favorite show.  I actually have a lot of favorite shows, but due to my obsession with horror and, more specifically, zombies I can truly say that if I had to pick one of my favorite shows as my #1 favorite show, it'd be The Walking Dead (twd).  For those who don't know about it, twd is a super popular TV series about a group of people trying to survive in a world that's been taken over by zombies.  It originated as a comic book series, so there's comic book nerds as well as regular TV viewers who love the show.  It is so popular that it is on its 4th season and was recently confirmed that they have been renewed for a 5th which is CRAE CRAE considering nowadays shows get cancelled after only 1 episode (Quarterlife?). 

Hey, the girl from Grimm and the guy from Greek were in Quarterlife! Who knew?
But yes, I heart The Walking Dead!

That being said, not even my favorites are exempt from being called out for their malarkey.  I'm noticing way too much nonsense within this season of twd and I can't take it anymore! 

Understand, these are just some stand out points of the episodes, this isn't a full show recap.  For an extremely detailed recap check out Entertainment Weekly's site (episode 1, episode 2).


Since they are from a month ago and my memory is bad, I'll join the first two episodes in this rant.  Episode 1 and 2 weren't the most ridiculous episodes this season, but they did have their moments of stupidity.   Here are some stand outs (in random order):

Let me just call attention to what is a big theme of this season, zombies are congregating to push down the prison fence.  Someone had the genius idea of trying to push the fence back into place while 100s of zombies are trying to knock it down.  Great idea!  100s of zombies have pushed the fence in to a 45 degree angle so that it's almost caving in, but have no fears!  Let's just grab 5 people on the inside and push back against the 100s of zombies, because that's how fences are restored to their rightful place.  You have GOT to be flipflopping kidding me!  Now if this was realistic, they'd have all 5 been smooshed by that fence because 100s of zombies pushing against it is much stronger than 5 people trying to push back. 

And by the way, why in the zombie world are 100s of zombies suddenly all at once deciding that they need to attack this fence?  I realize that some of them know there are yummy people inside the fence, but what, are they sending carrier pigeons to alert any nearby zombies to come this way for a chance at food?  These zombies are doing way too much pack traveling for them to not be able to think or communicate.  I think we are having a Land of the Dead situation where zombies are learning how think and start organized crime sprees!  The group should be far more concerned about this sudden zombie gathering, than they seem to be.  Next they'll start using weapons too.
Land of the Dead zombie leader was one smart zombie.

On the other hand, why in the world did the people within the gates let the zombie collection get that bad!?  They even brought in a bunch of new people, so they definitely have enough man power to be taking shifts and spearing all zombies within reach.  What are they doing all day?  I guess they're all sitting around playing patty cake and having story time, too busy to pay attention to the issue at hand, ZOMBIES TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!! 

Even the people in the watch tower ain't keeping no type of guard, they just made that their love den, because a world full of zombies is the perfect world to get pregnant and have babies in.  And yes Glenn, I'm calling your foolishness out even though you are my favorite and have been since way back when you were more geeky/scardycat than tough/hardcore.  OMG the foolishness!  I hope you are at least using birth control, unless you are trying to help repopulate the world.

On the supply run I get to find out why Bob never seemed trustworthy to me.  We now learn that his real name is "Bob the alcoholic".  Why are we so focused on alcohol in a time of need Bob?  Also, since you picked up the bottle, JUST TAKE THE DARN THING!!  It's free!  Take it and give it away (if you want to stay on the wagon), no need to put it exactly back where it belongs.  But that's exactly what he did, and now the whole case breaks and so does all the bottles of alcohol thanks to Bob the genius. 

Now all the rooftop zombies want to walk towards the commotion,again thanks Bob.  Did anyone else think the zombies were walking towards a way into the store?  I was really going to be done if these zombies knew how to enter and exit the store from the roof.  But no, they just were randomly walking towards sound.  No entryway was needed though because by some miraculous coincidence a zombie fell through the roof into the store where the supply hunters are!  Then, every zombie starts falling through the roof where they stand.  Zombie bombs are landing inside the store!  I just can't understand why, if the zombies were walking around on the roof for who knows how long, why is this exact point in time when the roof starts caving in?  And it's not just caving in in the weakest spot (which one would think is the spot holding the weight of an entire downed helicopter) it's evidently just suddenly too weak a roof to hold any amount of weight any longer.  No matter where a zombie is standing, it suddenly is just falling through the roof into the store. 

It's raining zombies and Bob the idiot is trapped under his beloved alcohol and the shelf that was holding it all.  Bob is a sitting duck and clearly isn't much of a fighter because he's basically just shooing the zombies away.  He's shooing zombies away (not killing them) while screaming for help (which is attracting more zombies).  Oh Bob, say no to alcohol and yes to common sense.

Anyways, he finally gets saved, but a young new group member gets bit.  I'm sorry but it served him right for not paying enough attention.  What part of zombie apocalypse don't these people understand?  You don't let you're guard down ever, ESPECIALLY in unfamiliar territory where you KNOW that zombies are around.  He probably thought he was too good to use a suit of armor like my man Glenn was wearing.  He probably made fun of Glenn for becoming a marshmallow man in his zombie protective garb.  Bet he wish he had Glenn's zombie armor now.

By the way, where are the supply runs that involve getting big equipment?  Perhaps sheet metal or concrete that can be used to build a better stronger wall around the prison.  Again, this stuff is free and there aren't many people left in the world to have taken all of the supply already.  How about more spike traps around the entire prison ala Morgan Jones? Why aren't they finding a big U-Haul truck they can use and a home depot so they can be building useful things.  Why don't they have a zombie mobile by now?  It's been years right?  It only took the people in Dawn of the Dead a few months to create a zombie mobile.
Most important thing in a zombie Apocalypse.
Nope, story time is all this group needs.  Yeah, story time should involve reading books about making things like a zombie mobile, or first aid and other medical care.  They actually have doctors and mechanics, they could be doing so much more valuable things with their free time instead of pretending to be on vacation, finding girlfriends, and eating bonbons.

These people are really in denial mode because no one locks their prison cell (room) in  zombie land? Really?  You can sleep soundly?  Really?  Because in a zombie world I'd be so on edge that any slight hint of someone moaning or breathing at all would wake me up.  And I'd be sure to at least put a noisy barrier in my doorway that would alert me to any zombie that tried to shuffle past it.  But obviously the prison survivors aren't as paranoid as I am.  The one now known as Zombie Harry Potter just walks right in and starts eating people.  The boy got sick and died overnight, no on even noticed, and now he's a zombie!  I guess they don't do nightly head counts either.  Am I the only one who feels like these precautions and more should have become the new normal in a zombie infested world?!

So Zombie Potter starts eating people, and still the noise doesn't wake anyone up.  It's not until there are like an additional 3 new zombies and all Hades breaks lose that people realize there is a problem!  Call me cruel, but at least this all went down in the new comers' area, not where "my people" are.  Although I don't think my people would be so easily taken over by zombies because my people know how to fight back.  The new people just like sitting pretty or trying to hide from zombies.  Why on earth did they take in such useless people anyway?  Carol is right, they definitely need to be teaching EVERYBODY how to kill zombies because let's face it, sometimes you just gotta.  While they were living nicely with no incidents, they should have been training their people.  Not only to be strong against zombies, but hello, mad governor on the loose!!!  They couldn't have forgotten about him because Michone still goes out hunting for him!  They should all want to prepare to fight against him.  Ugh, get it together people!

Sheriff Farmer Rick, you're still awesome even with all your many types of crazy.  No guns in a zombie world?  Unrealistic unless death is your goal.

Oh, and a final tip:  if you come across anyone that looks like a zombie although they are talking like a human, ditch them immediately and don't look back!  Once you let yourself become a living zombie, you should be treated as such... That witch was batpoop crae crae!  Lesson learned Rick.

If I missed anything that you found interesting or ridiculous from these episodes, let me know in the comments.

All my favorites in one photo!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Difference Between Me and Stupid People: YouTube Awards, Video of the Year, Girls' Generation and Racists

Everyone knows that YouTube started it's own awards show right?  I knew it was happening because I watch my shows online and have been assaulted with many a commercial alerting me to this fact.  Well the YT awards happened online last Saturday, November 3rd.  You all watched right?  Well if you didn't you might be out of luck because I can't find the video anywhere, maybe it's now top secret.

Anyway, when you think YouTube Awards you probably think, "cool, a new awards show!" or, "a new awards show, who cares" which is fine, your opinion.  But then there are the fun Nazis who hate everything, "trolling" the internet as usual trying to ruin the peace.

Here is the list of YouTube Award nominees and winners that I found in an MTV article.

Breakthrough of the Year
WINNER: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Kendrick Lamar
Naughty Boy

Response of the Year
WINNER: Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix, "Radioactive"
Boyce Avenue (feat. Fifth Harmony) "Mirrors"
Jayesslee, "Gangnam Style"
ThePianoGuys, "Titanium/Pavane"
Walk Off the Earth (feat. KRNFX), "I Knew You Were Trouble"

Innovation of the Year
WINNER: DeStorm, "See Me Standing"
Anamanaguchi, "Endless Fantasy"
Atoms For Peace, "Ingenue"
Bat For Lashes, "Lilies"
Toro Y Moi, "Say That"

YouTube Phenomenon
WINNER: "I Knew You Were Trouble"
"Gangnam Style"
"Harlem Shake"
"Thrift Shop"

Video of the Year
WINNER: Girls' Generation "I Got A Boy"
Demi Lovato, "Heart Attack"
Epic Rap Battles Of History, "Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney"
Justin Bieber (feat. Nicki Minaj), "Beauty and a Beat"
Lady Gaga, "Applause"
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Mary Lambert) "Same Love"
Miley Cyrus, "We Can't Stop"
One Direction, "Best Song Ever"
PSY, "Gentleman"
Selena Gomez, "Come & Get It"

Artist of the Year
WINNER: Eminem
Epic Rap Battles Of History
Justin Bieber
Katy Perry
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Nicki Minaj
One Direction
Taylor Swift

When I saw that Girls' Generation, I Got a Boy won the video of the year award, I literally yayed out loud (yol).  I don't like Girls' Generation better than Demi Lovato or Lady Gaga, but I was just happy that South Korean music is popular enough in America to get recognized via a YouTube Award.  Yay for Kpop, yay for world music!  Is my response.  That is a difference between me, and stupid people.

Apparently the stupid people, aka fun Nazis' (haters of music groups that are non American, and any group that isn't who they wanted to win) response was to start a big bad racist comment war, because clearly if their preference didn't win then the appropriate thing to do is hate on the one's who did. 

Racist people, kindly go sit in a corner facing a wall and start banging your head against it until your mind starts to open, then you'll literally be open minded :-)

This is why racism tends to make me laugh, it literally ALWAYS exposes the racist for how unsmart they are, and they don't even realize it!  They think they're so cool and funny with their comments of hate that make no sense.  Oftentimes they just throw every racist topic into a sentence and think that it makes sense. 

"Ching chong ching, slant eyed rice eater you're so short that Justin Bieber shoulda won and you should go do math!"  Really?!?  Good one.

The best (worst) part, is that they are encouraged by the other racist dummies who like their comments (notice the number of retweets).  Here are some of the comments that people wrote about Girls' Generation that I got from a Pop Dust article, and the responses from the writer Jacques Peterson.

Girls Generation Racist Tweet 01
The answer is: Tiffany, the member who accepted the award, IS American. She was born and raised in California. Also, her entire acceptance speech was in perfect English. What the hell was this stupid Lovatic watching?
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 02
Maybe because America was on SOUTH Korea’s side during the Korean war, not the North’s.
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 03
How can nobody know who they are when they’re technically the No. 1 girl group in the world today? They’ve sold millions of albums and singles worldwide, they regularly sell out stadiums and arenas across Asia, and they’ve performed at New York’s Madison Square Garden and Australia’s ANZ Stadium. Not to mention that they’ve also performed on The Late Show With David Letterman, Live With Kelly and Michael, and France’s Le Grande Journal. Everyone from indie darling Grimes and rising superstar Lorde all the way to Bill freakin’ Murray knows who Girls’ Generation is. It sounds like this Belieber needs to broaden their musical horizons a bit more.
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 04
“jo$h,” how about you open your mind first and stop the racist cheap shots?
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 05
Girls’ Generation is a South Korean group. What do they have to do with China?
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 08
Wow, schools really need to do a better job of teaching kids that China, Japan, and Korea aren’t all the same place. Do kids today think that Asia is just one big country or something?
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 06
I REALLY hope that English isn’t your first language, because if it is that would be really embarrassing for you.
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 07
Better than bribing YouTube with a bucket full of piss.

But clearly the people who make an effort to hate on others don't make any effort to say something that makes sense.  They must be thinking, ooooohhhhhh I'm so enraged that these people won over who I wanted to win must. say. something. ignorant. in order to feel better about myself so...(enter racist nonsense here).  But I guess it's good that it doesn't make sense because that just further proves that racism DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

Anyone who takes a YouTube Award that seriously clearly needs a life as well as a mental evaluation from a licensed professional.  I'm pretty sure that whatever artist you wanted to win isn't shedding a tear over the loss, let alone cursing and racial slurring the winner. 


Topic:  Everyone just found out that Girls' Generation won YouTube video of the year.
My response: YAY, kpop won a YouTube Award!
Stupid people response: They don't even speak English, these awards are rigged, GO BACK TO       

Dear Fun Nazis,

Take a moment to think about how dumb you make yourself look before spewing hate. 

Thank you,


Fool Move: Bee Attack on the Bus

I was on a packed bus in my own little world sitting at the window seat watching JRE's Miss A - HUSH Mv Reaction YouTube video on my phone when suddenly, a bee flew over my phone and landed on the window right next to me, inches away from my face!  Automatically, I jumped to the right, away from the bee.  The bee started flying along the window, going away from me, so I sat back upright, trying to act normal.  Then the bee started coming back towards me!  

When the bee flew towards me I jumped to the right, when it flew away I felt relieved and let out the breathe I was holding, then just when I thought I was safe, it came towards me again!  Eventually I felt someone next to me moving toward the right when I moved, and back when I moved back.  I looked to the right and realized that I was like on top of this guy who had been sitting beside me through this whole bee ordeal trying to read a book.  I had basically been jumping into the lap of "guy who reads" who had been sitting next to me this whole time, forcing him to move right and left as the bee came near me and moved away from me.  To everyone who saw us, we probably looked like two fools doing a weird dance, swaying left and right like drunkards.

I'm usually not scared of bees, but this time I'm trapped right next to it!  I got the bee against the window on my left, my large book bag in my lap, and "guy who reads" on my right.  I can barely move and have nothing to kill it with.  I seriously contemplated smashing it with my hand.  Me being slightly delirious, unable to focus on anything except for the fact that there is a bee who keeps trying to attack me, barely looks at "guy who reads" face but I say, "Sorry, there's a bee", and he's like, "it's OK".   Finally, after my the 7th time jumping into his lap, I'm like ,"Uh uh, I gotta get up", so he lets me out of the bee prison that I was in and I basically throw myself into the seat across from that one (opposite of where the bee is).  I look next to me and I'm now sitting in the isle seat next to a guy that's looking at me like I'm the craziest thing he's seen all year (and I know that ain't true cuz he's obviously a student, and there's a few crazy Tourette Syndrome people who often wonder around Oakland cussing at random people), and he is surrounded by gym bags.  I say "sorry, there was a bee over there".  He just looks away like he's thinking, this girl is nutz.  I bow my head in shame because of course "guy with gym bags" is cute, and now he thinks I'm crazy.  Great.

I feel "guy who reads" looking at me so I apologize again and say, "sorry I couldn't deal with that bee".  He just has a smirk on his face.  Seconds later, the guy right in front of where I had been sitting, kills the bee (like a boss).  Really?!  You wait until I have about 12 panic attacks, disturb "guy who reads" and "guy with gym bags", and move my seat.  Then you decide enough is enough, and kill the bee?  Thanks dude, thanks!

I try to make myself feel better thinking, well at least I didn't scream, which really would have made me look insane on this overly crowded bus.

"Guy who reads" smirks at me again as he gets up to get off the bus.  I finally look fully at his face and realize, this guy who I'd been jumping on to get away from the bee, is also cute, and he reads (just my type)!  Now he's obviously getting off the bus laughing to himself about my being all over him trying to get away from a killer bee...

In summary, thanks to a bee who was killed 2 minutes after trying repeatedly to attack me,  I have succeeded in looking like a fool in front of not 1, but 2 cute guys on the bus.  I may have also unintentionally sexually harrassed the 1 who reads.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Ryan Seacrest Radio Show Question "If you found out your man was cheating, would you wanna meet the other woman?"

I just heard Ryan Seacrest on the radio asking listeners this question.  I got mad thinking about my answer...

First of all, let me just say that this type of snackcake is the #1 reason why I'm happy that I'm single.  Ain't nobody got time for cheaters and that extra drama!  I want a boyfriend so that I'll have someone to hang out with and do fun things with, not for an extra person to cause me pain and suffering!

I personally think that cheating is really sick and pathetic.  How lazy/selfish/careless/rude are you that you can't simply dump someone if you don't like them enough to stay faithful?  And if you're just trying to have your cake and eat it too, as in you just want them both, that's even worse and you better hope those girls don't have family members, or a dog to sic on you!  I'd like cheating men to get the flesh eating bacteria on their private areas!  Google it, it ain't pretty.

Looks cool don't it?

It's NOT!
Anyways...NO! I would not wanna meet the other woman if my man was cheating.  Why would I?  That is someone I couldn't care less about.  My man is the one who broke his promise to be faithful to me and lied, he's the one who I cared about, and he's the one who fiddled me over!  If she didn't know, then she is also a victim and will hopefully dump his disgusting booty too.  If she did know, then she's just as disgusting as he is, and hopefully they both get flesh eating bacteria in their private areas and have it spread all over their body leaving hideous scars that forces them to only do it in the dark if they are still able to do it at all >-)

I'd be so done with him and the whole fracking situation, no need to meet the other person let alone see him ever again.  What would I do with her?  Are we going to chat and trade stories?  Are we going to become sister wives to the cheater?  EEW none of that!  Just NO and bye bye boyfriend.
I'm pro open relationships!  I definitely don't want one myself, but I'm all for those who recognize their want to skank around, getting with someone/ones who're cool with the skanking, and THEN doing what they want..  Plus it's more fair that way, both parties can cheat on each other all day 'ery day! Win-Win! Except oftentimes one person ends up getting jealous anyways and not liking their significant other getting with other people.  But whatev, that's a problem to handle when it arises.  The main thing is being open about your wanting to cheat from the beginning.

In conclusion, if I ever get a boyfriend and if he cheats on me he should expect to soon contract a flesh eating virus on his man parts, and if I happen to meet the other women than she can expect that virus too.  So let's hope that never happens :-)

What's your answer to Ryan's question?

*Disclaimer: These are my own opinions, and jokes.  Not my pictures, they're all linked.  I have not harmed and don't plan to harm anyone's private areas with flesh eating bacteria.

Welcome to Doris Rantz!

Hola people!  I decided that I needed to start a blog to vent my frustrations, and confess my love of certain events in life, pop culture, nerd culture or whatever.  If you know me then you know that my most hated thing in the world is stupidity and it causes me to go in a hulk-like rage.  On the other hand, if I love something, no matter how insignificant to the real world, I get super excited about those things as well.  If you didn't know, now you do.  So Imma use this blog to talk about random stuff, and maybe it'll be interesting or something. 

I'd love comments, questions, and suggested topics, so do that! Please :-)