Thursday, November 14, 2013

Taeyang and Ringa Linga, #9 on Kpop Billboard Chart!

I have a special love for Big Bang, as they were the first kpop group that I "discovered" when I decided to explore the genre this past summer.  I came across their song - Fantanstic Baby and was suddenly a Big Bang fan.  For those interested, join me in the obsession, WOW, FANTASTIC BABY, DANCE...

While watching this video repeatedly, I singled out Taeyang as my favorite (for his hotness) and G Dragon as my other favorite (for his weirdness).  So the youtube stalking began...

I found another favorite Big Bang song - Bad Boy, I found the dance practice (an awesome thing done in kpop, posting videos of dance practice), and I found out that some members have solo songs (which is apparently another awesome thing commonly done in kpop groups).

All the things I found while stalking Taeyang and G Dragon, just made me love them more.  I realized that they both are super awesome dancers, and Crayon is just my favorite thing ever (oh G Dragon you are the weirdest, and I love you for it)!  I'm not as obsessed with their music as I am obsessed with their talent (and Taeyang's looks).

That being said, I was happy to hear that Taeyang was coming out with a new solo album.  Happy to get to see him, but I didn't have high hopes for the music.  Turns out, I had it backwards.

Taeyang went from this:


To this:

And his music went from pop/electronic/synthesizer/annoyance:

To legit r&b/hiphop:

I totally love the song and could watch him dance all day long!  He and GD are the best hip hop dancers in kpop (in my opinion).  Bonus, there are black people in the video, and white people too!  Yay for diversity in kpop!  Now I love you even more Tey Tey!

The dance video for Ringa Linga is definitely my favorite, and apparently it was done all in one take.  WHAAATTT????!!!  Taeyang, you're the best!  Here's more about the video in this Billboard article.  Apparently G Dragon produced it, awesome job GD!

But um, what the heck is with the bleached blonde plaits?!  Idk if that's weave or his real hair, but if I get within arm's reach of his hair looking like that, I'm cutting those ridiculous strands off!  Who told him that was OK?  I would really like to know what he is thinking with that hair!  And the skirt he keeps wearing (Mnet performance video) is also ridiculous.  Is he trying to look like a dwarf?  Wearing baggy clothes already makes his body look much smaller, but a knee length skirt on top of it makes him seriously look 3 foot 2!

Taeyang, you're still really cute and super talented, but I can not approve of your look.  If looking hot is your goal, this is not doing it.

I still love you though.  Do what you want and do it well.  If you want to rock the blonde buckwheat grunge hiphop cross dresser look, YOU BETTER WERK!  And I will keep in mind that although your hair, makeup, and clothing may not always make you look your best, when you take it all off there's still...

 Taeyang (Dong Young-bae): Deadliest Stripper

So just go nude if you REALLY wanna look your hottest. When you're Taeyang, you're so perfect natural that added things like makeup and um, clothes only take away from your beauty.

I still love you and so does everyone else because you are already #9 on the kpop billboard chart.  YAY TAEYANG!!!

Additional  Taeyang stalking can be accomplished by way of Twitter and Instagram, follow him if you want more Taeyang (and his adorbs puppy Homie).

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