Monday, November 4, 2013

Ryan Seacrest Radio Show Question "If you found out your man was cheating, would you wanna meet the other woman?"

I just heard Ryan Seacrest on the radio asking listeners this question.  I got mad thinking about my answer...

First of all, let me just say that this type of snackcake is the #1 reason why I'm happy that I'm single.  Ain't nobody got time for cheaters and that extra drama!  I want a boyfriend so that I'll have someone to hang out with and do fun things with, not for an extra person to cause me pain and suffering!

I personally think that cheating is really sick and pathetic.  How lazy/selfish/careless/rude are you that you can't simply dump someone if you don't like them enough to stay faithful?  And if you're just trying to have your cake and eat it too, as in you just want them both, that's even worse and you better hope those girls don't have family members, or a dog to sic on you!  I'd like cheating men to get the flesh eating bacteria on their private areas!  Google it, it ain't pretty.

Looks cool don't it?

It's NOT!
Anyways...NO! I would not wanna meet the other woman if my man was cheating.  Why would I?  That is someone I couldn't care less about.  My man is the one who broke his promise to be faithful to me and lied, he's the one who I cared about, and he's the one who fiddled me over!  If she didn't know, then she is also a victim and will hopefully dump his disgusting booty too.  If she did know, then she's just as disgusting as he is, and hopefully they both get flesh eating bacteria in their private areas and have it spread all over their body leaving hideous scars that forces them to only do it in the dark if they are still able to do it at all >-)

I'd be so done with him and the whole fracking situation, no need to meet the other person let alone see him ever again.  What would I do with her?  Are we going to chat and trade stories?  Are we going to become sister wives to the cheater?  EEW none of that!  Just NO and bye bye boyfriend.
I'm pro open relationships!  I definitely don't want one myself, but I'm all for those who recognize their want to skank around, getting with someone/ones who're cool with the skanking, and THEN doing what they want..  Plus it's more fair that way, both parties can cheat on each other all day 'ery day! Win-Win! Except oftentimes one person ends up getting jealous anyways and not liking their significant other getting with other people.  But whatev, that's a problem to handle when it arises.  The main thing is being open about your wanting to cheat from the beginning.

In conclusion, if I ever get a boyfriend and if he cheats on me he should expect to soon contract a flesh eating virus on his man parts, and if I happen to meet the other women than she can expect that virus too.  So let's hope that never happens :-)

What's your answer to Ryan's question?

*Disclaimer: These are my own opinions, and jokes.  Not my pictures, they're all linked.  I have not harmed and don't plan to harm anyone's private areas with flesh eating bacteria.

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