Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Blah

It's Monday and I feel sick.  Just another excuse to lay in bed watching my computer screen and be a bum. How was your Monday?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Spider head, what to do?

Remember my story about the bee attack on the bus?  Well another attack on the bus occurred.  Luckily it wasn't on me, but it was near me.  I'm minding my business, changing the song on my phone, I look up and gasp at what I see before my eyes.  A girl sitting in front of me had a quarter sized white spider crawling around on her black knitted hat!!!  With bugs I don't play, so my first instinct is to find something and kill it.  But then I realize I can't because its on a random girl's head and a sudden whack would likely be offensive.  On top of that, her hat was knit with chunky yarn, so the spider probably wouldn't of died because it's against a soft surface, and it could fall through a hole in the hat and end up in her hair!

So then I thought, I should let her know that there is a spider on her hat.  I played out the scenario in my head:  Me from behind her will tap her shoulder, "Excuse me, not to alarm you, but there's a rather large white spider crawling on your hat." She would immediatly scream, start whacking at her hat, pull the hat off and fling it somewhere.  Meanwhile, me sitting right behind her would end up having the spider get flung on me.  Then all hell would break loose as I scream bloody murder and climb over the people around me who are blocking me in against the window (again) while slapping myself trying to get the spider off of me.  Which would then cause a small bus stampede as the other people on the bus tried to avoid me while I ran around a crowded bus until I felt that there was no more spider on me.  Successfully causing the nuttiest scene that there ever was, on the bus. 

Nope, telling her about the spider on her hat would not be a good idea.

The safest option was to keep my mouth shut and my hands to myself, and hopefully once she got off the bus, someone would help her out.  So I sat there, with that spider too close to my face for comfort, trying not to gasp every time the girl moved her head (and the spider) closer to me.  Then I started getting paranoid about spiders possibly crawling on the chunky knit hat that I was also wearing, and had to resist the urge to snatch my hat off and start shaking it out, to make sure.  While sandwiched between the window and a guy next to me, with my book bag in my lap, I tried to casually reach my arm up brush off my hat.  If there were any spiders I'm sure there would have been a reaction from the people behind me scared I was gonna brush the spider onto them.  So I tried to stay calm.  Paranoia grew.  Just when I was about to ask the guy next to me to let me out so I could move away from the spider, spider girl got up and off the bus.  I was saved!  But I don't know if she was :-/

This brings me to my dilemma.  What should one do in that kind of situation?  I felt bad for not helping the girl be free of spiders.  But I didn't wanna cause a spider induced stampede on a crowded bus.  For all I know she could be someone, unlike myself, who likes bugs.  That spider could have been her spider pet!  She could have got mad at me for having killed the spider for her and cried at the lost of her spider friend.

What would you have done in this kind of situation?  Get the spider off the person or avoid a bigger fit of chaos?

All I know is that if anyone sees any type of creature on me, I give you permission to whack it off of me.  I'd much rather take a whack than be caused to run around like a madwoman because of my scary bug instinct.

Monday, January 13, 2014


OMG, just learned that Fox programming president Frank Riley said that Glee was moving to NYC, thanks E news!  This is the best news ever!  Actually this is perfect timing because a post about Glee has been long overdue.  If you know me then you know that Glee is my happiness, and that I am OBSESSED with New York City.  So the bits of Glee that are in NYC are my favorite (ever since people started graduating).  

I finally caught up on this season of Glee yesterday and thought it looked highly likely that they would finally do what I've been waiting for since the NYC side story started, and today it is confirmed.  Yay!!!  I can not wait!  Oh please let Trouty mouth get into the Bichette modelling agency in NYC, I can already see the hilarity (and the Tyra).

I am seriously overjoyed because I really can't see much more happening at McKinley High, and I didn't want Glee to end up ruining itself by trying to stay running as long as possible no matter how boring and repetitive the story lines got.  But I could totally see how focusing on the NYC characters could bring interesting stories.  Even the show has been making fun of itself and the characters on the show (even moreso than usual) so they obviously recognize their need to move on.  

I am super excited and super hopeful to see what will come in the future for Glee.  Ryan Murphy, keep up the good work!

Glee comes back February 25, I REALLY can't wait now!  Here are some of my favorite Glee performances.

Almost died, What does the fox say? 

Still love Glee's version of we are young better than the original.

Ugh, and my girl Cherice just tried to kill herself.  Don't do that Cherice!  Just keep singing!

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!  Who doesn't want party and party and fun!?

Obsessed with Glee's Poker Face with Idina Menzel.

Glee's original song, loser like me, is the story of my life. LOL (but it really is).

And with this version of Neyo's Let me love you (until you learn to love yourself), I was instantly in love with Jake.  So I'm hoping he goes to NYC as well.  He's a dancer, so Nyata please?

I'll stop there because this list could easily turn into 50 videos.  Basically, I love Glee and it just about makes my life that it will move to my favorite city.  

Really?! Octomom, Dennis Rodman, Caffeine, and Texting

Today's news has some interesting (and by interesting I mean ridiculous) stories, I thought I'd share.

Texting argument in Tampa-area movie theater leaves 1 dead, 1 wounded is the title of a news article. It seems that someone got extra mad about someone else texting and being loud in the theater. *Sighs* I guess this is why you never want to be "that person" at the movies. Really though? What movie was this guy watching that was sooo great that someone needed to shut up or get shut?! Straight to the insane asylum for that one.

Rodman's North Korea Trips Signal Basketball Push by Leader Kim according to this Bloomberg News article. I can't say I'm surprised, that's what I was thinking ever since I heard that Rodman was going over there. We all know how important basketball is in a country where most people are starving, being made into slaves, and murdered. Sports are clearly what is needed in North Korea right now...


I'm still holding out hope that this is all part of Dennis Rodman's plan to raise awareness of the new holocaust -like situation in North Korea, in order to stop it. Yup, it's all his master plan (fingers crossed).

'Octomom' charged with welfare fraud Fox News reports. I thought we already knew this bit of info, but OK is she going to jail yet? She apparently failed to report over $30,000 that she earned. Again, seek help! You ain't mentally right to begin with when you pay in order to have more babies when you don't have a partner or enough money for the ones you got. I still don't know how that was even a thing that popped into her head. Maybe her career goal was to have as many kids as possible in order to live off of welfare. Then it makes "sense" (I use that term loosely).

You will all be happy to learn that Forbes says a scientific study explains Why A Little Caffeine Can Help Your Brain Remember. Really?! OK, yay! (I'm not even going to question it, thank you.)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Last Night: Journey to Michael's, is this Pittsburgh or Antarctica?

Let me tell you about my night a few nights ago:  I left work all bundled up except for my gloves because I am using my phone.  In about 45 seconds of walking outside, the tips of my fingers are prickly burning like the beginnings of frostbite!  Apparently a negative 5 degree temperature will do that.  It wasn't this cold earlier in the day, it was a whole 10 degrees, much more tolerable.  So I finish up on my phone and fumble to put my gloves on, which is super hard to do when your fingers are half numb half burning in pain.  I wait for the bus, couldn't have took more than 10 minutes to arrive, but my toes are frozen in my combat boots by the time I get on!  Apparently I should have watched the news warnings...


I get home and have to prepare to go back out and run to Michael's for some stuff.  Recognizing how cold it is I get on an extra hat, scarf, and gloves, and go back outside to wait for a bus to Michael's.  The bus is late and I end up waiting about 17 minutes.  Finally I see a bus way down the street, I will it to hurry up and get to me, it gets to me, it's the wrong bus.  Not only are my toes freezing but I'm feeling a little cold everywhere else as well.  I'm ready to say forget it and go back home to warmth, but then my bus shows up!

On the bus when I'm almost at my destination I decide to check the bus schedule so that I know what time to wait for the bus back.  I decide to catch the soonest bus rather than wait an hour and a half for the following bus, it's just way too cold for that!  So I figure I'll only have maybe 30 minutes to be in and out of Michael's, therefore I prepare my 50% off coupon (yup I always use a coupon at Michael's) on my phone, so I won't have to mess with it in the store knowing my phone is stupid and slow.  I'm almost at my stop when my phone starts acting stupid and slow (I knew it, that's why I started early).

Unfortunately messing with my phone made me miss my stop, and the next stop is far far in the opposite direction of Michael's.  WTF! This is all my stupid idiot phone's fault!  I get off the bus with 30 minutes before my bus home comes, but now I have to walk/run 15 minutes to even get to Michael's.  And here we go, my phone is on crack and decides it won't turn back on until I restart it.  The whole walk/run I'm muttering all types of cuss-words, mad at the time being wasted and how dumb my phone is and how I'm going to miss my bus home and how I'm freezing.  Yes, I'm freezing!  My fingers are prickling again and I literally have to pull my fingers out of their slots and ball my fists within the gloves for the pain to go away. Why is it this cold in addition to the other crap things that are ruining my plans?

When I finally get to Michael's there is only 15 minutes left for shopping.  No time for browsing, gotta grab stuff and go!  To bad the main yarn I came for (because it's on sale) is no longer in it's normal spot and the sale yarn isn't even marked as being on sale.  So now I gotta waste time thoroughly searching for this yarn and guessing from memory which yarn is on sale since they didn't think that labeling was a good idea.  I finally find it (except 1 shade I need isn't in stock) and make a mad dash to the cash register.  I swear it's like I'm on super market sweeps (my mom used to LOVE that show).  Luckily there's no one in line, and I picked the correct sale yarn, but now my coupon won't scan.  Ugh, you do all the preparation possible and still end up getting held up.  The nice cashier who doesn't know I only got 8 minutes before my bus comes and a 5 minute walk to the bus stop, kindly goes to look for a different coupon to use.

Nice cashier probably thinks me insane as I grab my 3 large bags of craft supplies and run out of the store and towards my bus stop.  As I'm running I hear a loud bang on the opposite of the parking lot, but I ignore it and keep running.  It's 8:30 pm, dark, and -5 degrees outside, I don't want to miss my bus and wait an hour for the next one.  Soon after the noise, I hear police sirens, then I see a police car followed by 2 more police cars all with their lights flashing and sirens blaring.  Suddenly it dawns on me, oh snap!  That noise was a car crash by someone being chased by the police!

Just as I put 2 and 2 together I hear police screaming GET ON THE GROUND! GET ON THE GROUND!  I want to keep running to the bus and ignore the crime scene but the social networker in me forced me to stop and take a few crappy pictures of the scene.


You can see lights across the parking lot, that's them capturing the guy saying GET DOWN NOW!!!

Out the front window is an ambulance and a bunch of cop cars.

Out the window on the right you can see a cop standing there.  Very riveting stuff.

I then continue my sprint to the bus stop carrying my huge bags.

Luckily, I did not miss the bus.  We passed the crime scene and although I couldn't see, by other passengers comments, the criminal got messed up either in the crash or by the cops or both.  He apparently was in a store (most likely stealing) ran out and into his car to try to drive away but got chased, crashed, and caught.

In summary, my night was a -5 degree frostbitten mess!  But the mission got accomplished in the end, I got a completely unwanted workout, and half saw a police chase.

This will be me until it warms up.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Jennifer Hudson Love

I was just reminded of how much I love Jennifer Hudson after reading this article on NY Daily News, and thought I'd share.

She bought her assistant and longtime friend a house!  Now, people are super selfish, no matter how much they got, many people don't want to share (money, time, etc.) unless it benefits them in some way.  So I'm happy to see when someone does share.  No matter how many people have stories like this, it never gets old.  Here is the video, from ABC News, of her assistant's hilarious reaction when he saw his gift, as well as great gifts some other celebrities gave this past Christmas.

I love it!  I hope the sharing is caring attitude continues to spread.  Here are my other reasons for loving Jennifer Hudson...

It was the greatest news ever when I heard she would be on my fav show SMASH, and she definitely didn't disappoint!

Some of her songs that I love, especially Spotlight.

My favorite songs from her award winning Dreamgirls role.

And yes, I loved her ever since American Idol season 6, and was mad at Simon for being mean to her although it sure don't matter now (in your face Simon Cowell!)!

Even when some of her family members were murdered occurred in 2008, Jennifer managed to keep it together very well, and even forgave the murderer (as seen on Oprah).  She's turned the tragedy into charity.

That was my ode to Jennifer Hudson.  I loved her for years and will continue to love her amazing voice and awesome personality.  You go girl!!!