Monday, January 6, 2014

Jennifer Hudson Love

I was just reminded of how much I love Jennifer Hudson after reading this article on NY Daily News, and thought I'd share.

She bought her assistant and longtime friend a house!  Now, people are super selfish, no matter how much they got, many people don't want to share (money, time, etc.) unless it benefits them in some way.  So I'm happy to see when someone does share.  No matter how many people have stories like this, it never gets old.  Here is the video, from ABC News, of her assistant's hilarious reaction when he saw his gift, as well as great gifts some other celebrities gave this past Christmas.

I love it!  I hope the sharing is caring attitude continues to spread.  Here are my other reasons for loving Jennifer Hudson...

It was the greatest news ever when I heard she would be on my fav show SMASH, and she definitely didn't disappoint!

Some of her songs that I love, especially Spotlight.

My favorite songs from her award winning Dreamgirls role.

And yes, I loved her ever since American Idol season 6, and was mad at Simon for being mean to her although it sure don't matter now (in your face Simon Cowell!)!

Even when some of her family members were murdered occurred in 2008, Jennifer managed to keep it together very well, and even forgave the murderer (as seen on Oprah).  She's turned the tragedy into charity.

That was my ode to Jennifer Hudson.  I loved her for years and will continue to love her amazing voice and awesome personality.  You go girl!!!

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