Monday, February 24, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11

Michonne and Carl best friends forever!  I'm such a fan of the thought of Michonne and Rick getting together and them all being a happy family and getting baby Judith back.  This is my dream and it must come true!  Don't be sad Carl, you'll get your baby sister back :'(

OMG those scary men coming into Rick's house.  I nearly died twice!  Thank goodness Rick didn't get caught, he's just now coming back from the dead from his last beating.  Those men though, it says a lot about someone that they'd fight each other that hard just to have a bigger bed.  Clearly those men are crazy idiots, as if there's time to put people in sleeper holds in a zombie world.  If they had to move suddenly, that guy is getting left behind because he can't be awakened and is too heavy to carry.  The war with the Governor is finally over and everyone is separated yet we can't get two days of rest without finding new people to try to kill us, in addition to zombies.  Ugh!

Glenn, get well soon!  Go find your wife!  Abraham, how do y'all like him?  You deserved that punch Abe, don't be claiming that people are dead unless you seen their dead body, rude!  Glenn's still sick but did a good job fighting against a man twice his size.  Say something else Abe, try it!

But for real, I'm team Abraham.  I already know that I'm biased because 1. I love red heads and 2. I love large men.  He's a little one track minded and "it's my way or the highway", right now.  But hopefully he'll change, be on our side, and stay alive (please).  A team with Rick, Daryl, Tyreese, Glenn, and Abraham is a team that I want to be a part of.

Shocker of the episode though:  So the mullet is a scientist?  Being a scientist myself I am both shocked and fascinated at this phenomenon.  Alls I'm saying is I'd love to meet this scientist who is smart enough to save the world, yet chose to wear his hair mullet style.  More than how he will save the world, I want to know what the science is behind his choice hairstyle.

While I'm talking about the mad mullet scientist, how smart can he really be to be living in a zombie infested world but not know how to use weapons properly?  He damn near killed everyone trying to shoot at the zombies!  Wasting bullets when he could have just yelled for the others to help kill them by hand!  He killed probably the most useful car they're likely to find.  And then had the nerve to say, "Trust me, I'm smarter than you".  Really?  If I was Abe, I would have said, "Your hair says otherwise".  Based on hair alone I'm definitely trusting a ginger over a mullet.  Lol.

Rick, Carl, and Michonne are now following the yellow brick road (aka the railroad tracks) so they're certainly going to find Carol, Tyreese, and the kids soon right?  I can feel it, but they may end up finding Daryl, and Beth first.  Here's to hoping our jail people find each other quickly.

Michonne, Carl, and Rick Walk on the train Tracks in Season 4, Episode 11: "Claimed"

This episode really makes you think...

What do you think will occur in the future based on what happened?

P.S. I found another place that does recaps, walking dead cast, one writer is named Mr. Blahg.  With a name like that you gotta love it!  They have lots of awesome clips and sneak peaks too.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Walking Dead is Back! Season 4 Episode 10

Relief Relief Relief! Is what I feel after last night's Walking Dead.  Everyone that I care about have now been confirmed alive, yay!  I always knew that they'd be alive, but apparently I'm the only one.  Every member of the prison group (just about) has no faith in anyone's ability to survive outside of the prison.  As if they weren't doing that for over a year before they found the prison.  I can understand thinking the people they rescued from the governor's town not surviving, because they weren't strong fighters to begin with, they just sat behind the gates and let the governor handle everything for them.  But Tyreese, Rick, Maggie, Darryl, and the others?  They've all proved themselves to be good survivors in a world full of walkers, so why is everyone thinking that they're likely dead just because this displacement happened?  People have really turned hopeless.

Rick woke from a coma in a zombie filled hospital not even knowing that the world went to hell, yet he somehow made it to find his family in another state!  We already know that Darryl is a badass crossbow shooting hunter.  Tyreese survived being completely engulfed in a sea of walkers, using just an ice pick.  Everyone's had to survive one way or another before they found each other and before they found the prison, so I don't get why it makes sense to assume that everyone simply laid down and let the zombies eat them simply because they've been separated.  These people need to get a grip, use their brains, and stop being so pessimistic!  It is offending me personally when certain survivors are basically calling the rest weaklings who can't survive without the prison's protection.  Yes I'm talking to you Sasha.  Ain't nobody commiting suicide via zombie, they will fight to survive!

Carol is back by the way.  I thought she would have stayed at one of the houses where Rick left her, but I guess I was wrong.  Apparently she's been lurking in the woods spying on the prison this whole time (creeper alert) and stalked Tyreese and the kids to offer her services as babysitter.  Thank goodness, because Tyreese dealing with all them kids by himself is very risky.  Especially the crying baby (calling all walkers, come and get your dinner).  It is the cutest site though, gigantic black man with 2 kids and a baby on board.  I wonder what's gonna happen when he finds out what Carol did though?

I'm also wondering about the woman's scream that Tyreese went for though.  Did I miss that the screaming lady had already been eaten by the time Tyreese got to the scene?  I highly doubt that it was Carol's scream, she knows better than to be making all that noise (attracting more walkers).

But yeah, those were the highlights for me.  Now we know that Maggie (and crew) is on a mini rampage to find Glenn.  Glenn (and Tara) is robo-copping his way to find Maggie.  Darryl is tracking whoever he can find thanks to Beth's persuasion.  And Carol, Tyreese and the children are following the yellow brick road to find the wizard (aka safe zone).  So it'll be interesting to see where they'll all meet and what Rick, Carl and Michonne decide to do.

Oh yeah!  A new group of men that look like countryside wrestlers have appeared (out of nowhere with the quietest large vehicle ever)!  Hopefully they'll be useful and not evil/psychotic.

And what was with the bus full of prison crew turned walkers?  Did they all just decide to kill themselves on a bus?  It doesn't seem very realistic that they'd ALL die like that (or did I miss something).  At least one person should have made it out of the bus alive had a zombie outbreak occurred.  They probably would have left the door/window open, so that the other walkers could have gotten out instead of being locked in there like that.  Because the bus didn't seem to be crashed, therefore it was still a usable means of transportation.

Ugh, so much drama and so many questions.  I still can't believe that there was no preplanned just-in-case meetup spot.  That's just too ridiculous to believe that their plan was, "when the governor shows up, and we know he will, everyone just scatter!"  I can't believe they wouldn't have had a better plan.  I also can't believe that more people didn't go back to check on the prison.  It seemed pretty salvageable to me, and now there's no governor trying to take over.  But no, that's too logical I guess.

What were your thoughts on this week's The Walking Dead episode?

Recap by Entertainment Weekly can be found here.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Aldi's is Annoying, Let's Start a Movement!

Stores that don't take credit cards should all be fined!  Fined for not getting with the times!

I went to Aldi's (discount grocery store with mostly private brand items), mainly for yogurt but I ended up roaming around the whole store and getting a bunch of stuff that looked good.  I get to the checkout line and my debit card has expired!  I don't like carrying cash, so I definitely didn't have $30 on me to pay for my groceries.  After standing there looking through my wallet like a fool, I had to leave without buying the stuff.

Basically I went to Aldi's just to take a brisk walk around the store, wait in line, and then leave.  FML!  Such a waste of time!  It really seems counter productive, I held up the line for nothing (because they only had 1 cashier open) and now someone will have to put all my stuff back pronto because it was mostly refrigerated items.  On top of that, you think I'm really rushing back to Aldi's to finish my purchase? Hellz no!  I didn't need that stuff anyway, as I said, I went there just for yogurt (which isn't a life necessity either) and it already took me 3 weeks to even do that because I never feel like making the stop.  Now, after finally making that stop and getting nothing accomplished will I wanna waste more time to go again? Hellz no!  Aldi's you just lost a sale just to what?  Save a few dollars on credit card fees?  I'm sure that fee was less than my $30 and however many other sales you lose daily by refusing to take credit cards. Get with the times!

I think we should all ban together in order to change this policy.  How about we all go to Aldi's, get a bunch of stuff, check out, say we don't have cash, and leave everything there to be put back.  Surely they would recognize how many sales they're losing, in addition to the employee hours being wasted putting items back that should have left the store as sold merchandise.  Let's start this movement!

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Walking Dead is Back! Season 4 Episode 9

So again, this isn't really a recap it's just my highlights from the episode.  Entertainment Weekly's recap is here.  The walking dead is back so let the awesomeness begin!

Awwww, zombie Hershel head :'-( Too sad, but I knew he couldn't keep on hobbling on forever.  Michonne's zombie pet trick is genius!  They should try that in instances when they are surrounded by hundreds of zombies!  Maybe they could actually get past them.

Is it just me being an overly cautious ocd planner or is it the stupidest move ever that the prison crew didn't have a safe house or some type of evacuation plan?  They live in a zombie world, they knew zombies were trying and getting dangerously close to breaking the prison gates open, AND they knew that the governor was on the lose and wanted to harm them.  Why with all these facts known had they not planned where to go in case they had to all separate and run for their lives?  "Head for the hills" seems to be a saying made for this type of circumstance!  It is very disappointing to see that while everyone was lounging around reading books, farming, and watching the zombies push in the fence, they didn't even have an adequate escape plan.

I know they were on their way somewhere in that bus though right?  They had to have been going somewhere.  Or maybe they only thought as far as get everyone on the bus and drive until somewhere safe looking pops up.  They should have had multiple meeting points where they should go in case they get separated, that way at least they could leave messages to each other if they didn't stay there.  I guess we'll find out later, but hopefully they were heading somewhere so that they all know to go there.  Otherwise they're just all going to be wander aimlessly until they hopefully find a friend.

Speaking of wondering aimlessly.  Michonne may I ask where it is that you are going?  I was so on board with her following the zombie hoard, because I still think that they be plotting and planning, so she could find out what the plan is thanks to her pet zombies who camaflouge her.  It made me sad that she saw footprints yet chose not to follow them, but I just KNEW she had a plan that would be of even greater good, so she'll find Rick and Carl later.  But when I realized that she was just walking and walking with the zombies just because.  Like she decided to join the zombie parade, wtf?!  I guess Michonne finally decided to give up on life!

Then there's Carl.  I really wanted to pop Carl in the mouth a few good times.  He musta done lost his mind talking to his father like that!  His father is the reason why he's still alive!  Why is it Rick's fault and responsibility to keep everyone alive?  That type of responsibility (along with the death of his wife) is probably what drove Rick to Farmer Joe insanity in the first place!

Carl still cracks me up though.  Notice how he waited until his dad is half blind, half cripple, half dead before he starts trying to cuss him out.  He knew better than to try that with his dad at full strength. Smart boy!  Not smart enough to recognize that being good at shooting zombies doesn't make you the all time zombie destroyer.  Carl, you are old enough to know as much as an adult, but you're only half the size of an adult, so simmer down.  You try to push a zombie and can barely move it an inch!  Zombies are stronger than you!  An old window is stronger than you!  You're so cocky after shooting a few zombies that you can survive without your dad, yet you don't even know how to properly watch your surroundings when trying to be cool and walk around backwards, and you don't even know to pay attention to how many bullets are in your beloved pistol.  Go sit in the corner somewhere and go think about how you failed this episode!  You may have lived, and found yourself some pudding, but you FAILED!

Back to my girl Michonne.  Her life story is sad, I don't even wanna know how her baby ended up dying.  But I'm sorry to say that I'm glad those men (he "lover" and brother, I guess) are gone.  They seemed kind of jealous of the fact that she was so good with her samurai sword.  And her lover talking about why are we even trying to live, or whatever, no one needs that when you are fighting to survive.  You're weak!  If you wanna be weak and give up, go do that, don't try to bring her with you.

Then when she snapped out of it, that was awesome!  How she took out all of her zombie posse with that sword, you go girl!  Best scene of the night, check it out again on youtube called The Walking Dead 4x09 Michonne Slaughters Walker Heard by ProvidenceAgent.

I know the zombies felt betrayed, like I thought we were cool?  She's so good, she easily went back and found the footprints and tracked Carl and Rick down.  She was so happy and I was too!  I feel complete!  Every time one of them finds another I will feel more complete until all my main people (the family) are together again.

Potential deaths:

I'm a bit of a worse case scenario thinker, so there were many times when I was thinking that someone might die in this episode.
  • Carl checking the houses- he don't look around enough for me, I'm always waiting for something to jump out of a closet or something and get him.
  • Carl walking backwards- he's lucky didn't get chomped when he dumbly walked right into that zombie's arms
  • Carl in a zombie pile- ultimate fail, he is just too small, had there been other zombies around (how lucky for him that there weren't) that attacked him while he was down, he'd have simply been dead.  He couldn't move those zombies at all!  Carl imma need you to gain at least 2 feet and 30-50 pounds of muscle before you try to act cocky again, ok?
  • Carl sleeping on his corpselike dad- had his dad really died Carl would have been eatten in his sleep.  What type of nonsense?!  Why would you sleep next to a potentially dead/dying person knowing that dead people turn into zombies?  Had he not learned anything from the zombie flu prison fiasco?
  • Rick- he seems to have all types of injuries, including internal ones and no doctor to help him out.  I thought he'd die at any moment of this episode.
  • Rick waking from being past out- omg if Carl would have shot his dad dead that would have been the worse thing to ever ever happen!
  • Michonne in a parade of zombies- all I could think was, what if a nearby zombie decided to take a taste of her flesh?
  • Michonne finding Rick and Carl- I tend to always be scared of people with guns shooting first and asking questions later.  I'd have been devastated if Carl got spooked seeing Michonne at the window or hearing her knock and decided to shoot first and see who it was afterwards.  Thank goodness Rick utilized the peep hole. 
What were your standout points in this episode of The Walking Dead?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Movie Time: White Noise 2

I borrowed this movie from the library.  I remember seeing previews of it on tv while I was in Ethiopia, but I fell asleep before it came on.  So I finally got a chance to watch it.

White Noise 2: The Light staring Nathan Fillion (from Castle and Slither [I loved Slither!]) and Katee Sackoff.

I never seen White Noise although I did attempt a long time ago but got bored with it and stopped watching. From what I remember about the 1st White Noise is that it was about seeing ghosts and hearing them speak within white noises of electronic signals (or something).  Please correct me if I am wrong.  I am also told that a man finds out that a ghost is living within electronic signals and is trying to kill people for some reason.  This movie does not have that exact premise but it seems to have a similar type of plotline. 

I won't give any spoilers away but here is what I can say about this movie.  White Noise 2 is similar to part 1 in that there are ghosts, but it has a Final Destination type of story line.  Final Destinations are some of my favorite movies (the 1st and last are my top favs).  I wouldn't call this a scary movie, it's more like a thriller.  A man goes through a near death experience, and when he comes back to life he can see a type of aura, or white light, around certain people.  He then starts using his power to save people's lives but soon finds out that maybe that is not such a good idea.

White Noise 2 wasn't a horrible movie and I was interested to see where it would go.  It was slow at times in the middle though, but I would give it 5.5 out of 10 imdb stars.  That is good given that this is a made for DVD movie.  It makes me want to go back and watch the 1st White Noise movie, in order to see how they compare.

If you are looking for something to do and see this movie on demand or netflix etc., it is not a complete waste of time, so check it out.