Thursday, February 13, 2014

Aldi's is Annoying, Let's Start a Movement!

Stores that don't take credit cards should all be fined!  Fined for not getting with the times!

I went to Aldi's (discount grocery store with mostly private brand items), mainly for yogurt but I ended up roaming around the whole store and getting a bunch of stuff that looked good.  I get to the checkout line and my debit card has expired!  I don't like carrying cash, so I definitely didn't have $30 on me to pay for my groceries.  After standing there looking through my wallet like a fool, I had to leave without buying the stuff.

Basically I went to Aldi's just to take a brisk walk around the store, wait in line, and then leave.  FML!  Such a waste of time!  It really seems counter productive, I held up the line for nothing (because they only had 1 cashier open) and now someone will have to put all my stuff back pronto because it was mostly refrigerated items.  On top of that, you think I'm really rushing back to Aldi's to finish my purchase? Hellz no!  I didn't need that stuff anyway, as I said, I went there just for yogurt (which isn't a life necessity either) and it already took me 3 weeks to even do that because I never feel like making the stop.  Now, after finally making that stop and getting nothing accomplished will I wanna waste more time to go again? Hellz no!  Aldi's you just lost a sale just to what?  Save a few dollars on credit card fees?  I'm sure that fee was less than my $30 and however many other sales you lose daily by refusing to take credit cards. Get with the times!

I think we should all ban together in order to change this policy.  How about we all go to Aldi's, get a bunch of stuff, check out, say we don't have cash, and leave everything there to be put back.  Surely they would recognize how many sales they're losing, in addition to the employee hours being wasted putting items back that should have left the store as sold merchandise.  Let's start this movement!

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