Monday, February 10, 2014

The Walking Dead is Back! Season 4 Episode 9

So again, this isn't really a recap it's just my highlights from the episode.  Entertainment Weekly's recap is here.  The walking dead is back so let the awesomeness begin!

Awwww, zombie Hershel head :'-( Too sad, but I knew he couldn't keep on hobbling on forever.  Michonne's zombie pet trick is genius!  They should try that in instances when they are surrounded by hundreds of zombies!  Maybe they could actually get past them.

Is it just me being an overly cautious ocd planner or is it the stupidest move ever that the prison crew didn't have a safe house or some type of evacuation plan?  They live in a zombie world, they knew zombies were trying and getting dangerously close to breaking the prison gates open, AND they knew that the governor was on the lose and wanted to harm them.  Why with all these facts known had they not planned where to go in case they had to all separate and run for their lives?  "Head for the hills" seems to be a saying made for this type of circumstance!  It is very disappointing to see that while everyone was lounging around reading books, farming, and watching the zombies push in the fence, they didn't even have an adequate escape plan.

I know they were on their way somewhere in that bus though right?  They had to have been going somewhere.  Or maybe they only thought as far as get everyone on the bus and drive until somewhere safe looking pops up.  They should have had multiple meeting points where they should go in case they get separated, that way at least they could leave messages to each other if they didn't stay there.  I guess we'll find out later, but hopefully they were heading somewhere so that they all know to go there.  Otherwise they're just all going to be wander aimlessly until they hopefully find a friend.

Speaking of wondering aimlessly.  Michonne may I ask where it is that you are going?  I was so on board with her following the zombie hoard, because I still think that they be plotting and planning, so she could find out what the plan is thanks to her pet zombies who camaflouge her.  It made me sad that she saw footprints yet chose not to follow them, but I just KNEW she had a plan that would be of even greater good, so she'll find Rick and Carl later.  But when I realized that she was just walking and walking with the zombies just because.  Like she decided to join the zombie parade, wtf?!  I guess Michonne finally decided to give up on life!

Then there's Carl.  I really wanted to pop Carl in the mouth a few good times.  He musta done lost his mind talking to his father like that!  His father is the reason why he's still alive!  Why is it Rick's fault and responsibility to keep everyone alive?  That type of responsibility (along with the death of his wife) is probably what drove Rick to Farmer Joe insanity in the first place!

Carl still cracks me up though.  Notice how he waited until his dad is half blind, half cripple, half dead before he starts trying to cuss him out.  He knew better than to try that with his dad at full strength. Smart boy!  Not smart enough to recognize that being good at shooting zombies doesn't make you the all time zombie destroyer.  Carl, you are old enough to know as much as an adult, but you're only half the size of an adult, so simmer down.  You try to push a zombie and can barely move it an inch!  Zombies are stronger than you!  An old window is stronger than you!  You're so cocky after shooting a few zombies that you can survive without your dad, yet you don't even know how to properly watch your surroundings when trying to be cool and walk around backwards, and you don't even know to pay attention to how many bullets are in your beloved pistol.  Go sit in the corner somewhere and go think about how you failed this episode!  You may have lived, and found yourself some pudding, but you FAILED!

Back to my girl Michonne.  Her life story is sad, I don't even wanna know how her baby ended up dying.  But I'm sorry to say that I'm glad those men (he "lover" and brother, I guess) are gone.  They seemed kind of jealous of the fact that she was so good with her samurai sword.  And her lover talking about why are we even trying to live, or whatever, no one needs that when you are fighting to survive.  You're weak!  If you wanna be weak and give up, go do that, don't try to bring her with you.

Then when she snapped out of it, that was awesome!  How she took out all of her zombie posse with that sword, you go girl!  Best scene of the night, check it out again on youtube called The Walking Dead 4x09 Michonne Slaughters Walker Heard by ProvidenceAgent.

I know the zombies felt betrayed, like I thought we were cool?  She's so good, she easily went back and found the footprints and tracked Carl and Rick down.  She was so happy and I was too!  I feel complete!  Every time one of them finds another I will feel more complete until all my main people (the family) are together again.

Potential deaths:

I'm a bit of a worse case scenario thinker, so there were many times when I was thinking that someone might die in this episode.
  • Carl checking the houses- he don't look around enough for me, I'm always waiting for something to jump out of a closet or something and get him.
  • Carl walking backwards- he's lucky didn't get chomped when he dumbly walked right into that zombie's arms
  • Carl in a zombie pile- ultimate fail, he is just too small, had there been other zombies around (how lucky for him that there weren't) that attacked him while he was down, he'd have simply been dead.  He couldn't move those zombies at all!  Carl imma need you to gain at least 2 feet and 30-50 pounds of muscle before you try to act cocky again, ok?
  • Carl sleeping on his corpselike dad- had his dad really died Carl would have been eatten in his sleep.  What type of nonsense?!  Why would you sleep next to a potentially dead/dying person knowing that dead people turn into zombies?  Had he not learned anything from the zombie flu prison fiasco?
  • Rick- he seems to have all types of injuries, including internal ones and no doctor to help him out.  I thought he'd die at any moment of this episode.
  • Rick waking from being past out- omg if Carl would have shot his dad dead that would have been the worse thing to ever ever happen!
  • Michonne in a parade of zombies- all I could think was, what if a nearby zombie decided to take a taste of her flesh?
  • Michonne finding Rick and Carl- I tend to always be scared of people with guns shooting first and asking questions later.  I'd have been devastated if Carl got spooked seeing Michonne at the window or hearing her knock and decided to shoot first and see who it was afterwards.  Thank goodness Rick utilized the peep hole. 
What were your standout points in this episode of The Walking Dead?

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