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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 Finale: O.M.F.G! Reunited in Terminus?

O.M.F.G! I usually wait til the end of the episode to start writing, but after 15 minutes of the season 4 finale of the walking dead, I needed a break for fear I might have a heart attack, or throw up, or just freak the f out!  This is what all went through my mind as I was watching the walking dead last night, alone, in a dark room, by myself...

OK, calm down self.

See, I was already scared to watch this episode.  Here I am with the great idea to yet again watch the walking dead before bed (at 1am) and then the scene of a bloody Rick sitting alone against a truck reminded me about the crazy men that are after him.

Fast forward to Rick and Michonne talking by the fire while Carl is napping in the truck that they found. AAAaaahhh, I jumped about 12 feet in the air when the men pulled the gun on Rick.  How'd they sneak up on them like that?  Are they really that good?  Where the f is Darryl?!  If those men were all about justice and fairness with no lies, why are they attacking a kid?  Since the one guy saw Rick, he knows that it was only Rick in the house, so they're doing extra torturing Michonne and Carl as well.  And how sick!!!!  They are planning to rape Michonne as well as Carl?  AAAaaahhh!!!!! They are insane lunitics! I knew it!

Finally Darryl comes out of the woods and tells the leader guy not to hurt them, "they're good people".  Well Darryl, too bad those me aren't good people, so they don't care.  Crazy old man leader accuses Darryl of lying.  Because if you don't agree with his plan, you are obviously a liar.  He orders the men to give Darryl the "liars punishment" (remember from last ep, that means you get beat to death).  WTF?!?  That was actually a stupid move on the leader's part because now he got some of his men distracted and otherwise occupied beating up Darryl, which gave Rick a chance to weigh his options.  Old man leader probably thought that Rick would be easy to handle since he's just 1 man, much smaller than his men, with a woman and child on board.  Well they messed with the wrong one, because guess what, Rick's crae crae too!  Rick went straight up zombie on them dudes! He bit a chunk out of the old guy's neck!  Literally went CHOMP on what seems to be an important artery since blood went shooting out of the bite hole (yup, Rick bit a hole out of his neck).  That was crazy and awesome and necessary!  The bad men were looking at him all shocked and confused as to whether he was human or walker.  So Michonne jumped into action and took her guy out and  then went for Carl who was now a hostage by that porky pervert.  Seriously, was that porky guy really just all over Carl, like he couldn't wait to have his way with him?  How effing sick!  As soon as that perv saw Rick coming he stopped what he was doing with a quickness, scared to death.  Yes perv, be scared of Rick, you ain't so tuff once your friends all died huh? Rick gutted that perv!  I mean I paused the show right now due to the myocardial infarction I was about to have, but the last thing I heard was Rick still stabbing the guy, even though he was already dead.

So as you can see, the good guys won.  Rick didn't even get his ass whooped (again) which is what I was really worried about (how many more beatings does that man have to go through?) but I'm still traumatized!  The bad guys are dead, Rick and Darryl are together again but I got the chills.  It was a really quick battle but it was oh so brutal!  I can't get over how they threatened to do things to Michonne and Carl, brrrrrr, chills.  Before the attack Michonne was expressing her concern for Terminus ending up being like the Governor's place.  I guess you can worry a little less now because clearly Rick ain't gonna let nothing happen on his watch. Rick don't play!

I am seriously majorly freaked out! This is rare since I LOVE horror movies and have seen so much blood, killings, and torture in movies that I'm pretty desensitized to it (except the Human Centipede, that almost made me wanna puke, almost).  But yeah, I needed to calm myself before watching the rest of the episode.  Wasn't that a super amazingly good first 15 minutes though!?  OK, I'll go back to watching the rest now.

Now I was able to calm down and finish the rest of the show, here are my chosen key moments...

Rick, Michonne, Darryl, and Carl made it to Terminus!  Thankfully, they are far more suspicious than our previous arrivers.  The scope out the area and Rick hides their stock of weapons in the woods outside of the perimeter, in case their weapons are confiscated inside (smart thinking Rick). I personally find it super suspicious that this is a sanctuary but it seems like no one is ever around outside.  It's a pretty abandoned sanctuary.  But they decide it's OK (probably because it's abandoned, therefore doesn't look threatening) and go inside, surprising the Terminites in their factory.  All is well and good until they are about to eat, but Rick notices a guy with a watch that he recognizes is Hershel's.  Time for another round of crazy as Rick takes the watch guy hostage and all of the soldiers surrounding Terminus are revealed.  After some standoffs, Rick and crew finally surrender, since they are outnumbered, and they are herded into a train car.  Props to Carl for noticing that the Terminites were obviously not trying to kill them.  I was even saying that while watching, like either they are the worst shooters ever (because they definitely could have easily killed our people, they were out in the open) or they're shooting them in a way trying to direct them to go somewhere.

Another lackluster reunion occurred when Rick and the others got put in the train car and noticed Glenn and the others inside.  Since they're being held hostage it's not exactly the most joyous occasion to have found each other again.  Maggie didn't bother asking about her sister, and she actually could have gotten some information from Darryl.  So it's official, Maggie went this whole season without giving 2 sh$ts about her little sister's well being, that really is pretty disgusting.  She's known Glenn what, 1 year, and has known her sister forever, yet only cares about Glenn.  Don't you hate it when girls get a boyfriend and suddenly couldn't care less about anyone else but that boyfriend?  I guess it still happens even during a zombie apocalypse.

Anyways, I think this whole episode was summed up perfectly when Rick said that they will be surprised when they find out that, "They're screwing with the wrong people."  No truer words have been said.

This Walking Dead Season 4 Finale was so good!  Most of our people have found each other, no one died, and there's no severe cliff hanger yet I can't wait to see what happens next!  I'm going to go ahead and throw this out there, witchcraft.  Everyone of those Terminus people are fairly young except for the 2 middle aged women.  Those two are the perfect age to be seasoned witches, and the room with candles and weird writing adds to my thoughts of witchcraft (or something similar). I'm glad it seems like Tyreese Carol and baby Judith didn't make it there yet.  I'm hoping they were nearby, heard the gunshots and will stay away because of it.  And what about Beth?  Are her kidnappers members of team Terminus or is it yet another group of crazies?

How did you like the episode?  What do you think Terminus is all about?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Walking Dead, Terminus Bound, Season 4 Episode 15

This episode before the season finale (waahhh) was super good!  Let's get into it!

Description of . Tara (Alana Masterson), Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Walkers during Episode 15 of 'The Walking Dead' televised on Sunday, March 23, 2014. (Gene Page/AMC)

Rick, Michonne, and Carl are getting along really well as they walk along the train tracks.  I think I missed (or temporarily forgot) when they decided to go to Terminus, but that's evidently where they are headed.  Is it just me or did Rick look like a dad proud to see his two kids getting along when Carl decided to share his candy bar prize with Michonne?  I was thinking, dag Rick, you look like an old fogey compared to those two.

Glenn, Tara and Dr. Mullet's crew are also headed to Terminus.  Glenn suspects that that's where Maggie would go, and he is right.  When he spots Maggie's walker blood messages, he darts off like a madman, determined to catch up with her.  Did anyone see how ridiculous Abraham was trying to protect Dr. Mullet? Why did he make a huge scene trying to cover Mullet from the walker who fell out of the tower, knocking Tara across the floor in the process.  That was sooooo unnecessary, wtf?!  He didn't even apologize!  He didn't even help her up!  What was the point of that?  He ran over arms spread to guard mullet as if he was being attacked, meanwhile the zombie took a whole extra 30 seconds to actually appear.  Could he not have just said, "Hey Mullet, heads up!"  Or if he wanted to do more, he could have walked (at a normal pace) took Dr. Mullet's hand, and lead him out of the way.  The bum-rushing was completely and utterly uncalled for!  Can we say overreaction.  What a freaking drama queen!

Anyways, Dr. Mullet is in love with Tara (despite Tara's preference for women) so he seems to want to go wherever she's going, which is wherever Glenn is going.  But the two groups have to part ways when they come to a tunnel of the unknown.  Glenn feels a crazy need to go through the tunnel since he can tell by Maggie's message that that is the way that she went.  Abraham says that it's too dangerous being that there is no visible end to the dark tunnel, but there is the obvious moans of zombies inside.  Let me restate for the record my deeply devoted love for Glenn.  Not only is he smart, but he is so crazy brave (emphasis on the crazy, but that's ok) he is willingly going into a cave that we know is filled with walkers (by the sound of the moaning) just because he needs to find his girlfriend/wife/baby momma.  I LOVE GLENN!

Glenn (Steven Yeun) during Episode 15 of 'The Walking Dead' televised on Sunday, March 23, 2014. (Gene Page/AMC)

Too bad they went in and just about everything went wrong!  Tara's already messed up leg (thanks to drama queen Abe) get's caught under a rock, and all of the zombies that they heard from outside of the tunnel, are coming for her.  Glenn, being the awesome person that he is, refuses to leave her and tries to fight off the zombies using what little bullets he has left.  Just as they're about to be screwed, overcome by too many walkers, someone on the other side yells "Get down!" and shoots all the zombies dead.  After all the shooting is done, we see that it is Maggie and them with Abraham and them.  Yay! Glenn and Maggie finally found each other!!!  Reunited at last.  I am too happy because I was getting tired of them frantically searching for one another, now they can calm down a bit.

Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) during Episode 15 of 'The Walking Dead' televised on Sunday, March 23, 2014. (Gene Page/AMC)

In this episode of the Walking Dead, we finally see that there is no reason to doubt Eugene's smarts simply because he has a mullet.  The way he tricked Rosita into waiting at the spot that he came up with by doing some Physics math problem (if Tara walks along the train tracks at this speed and velocity while we drive around the tunnel at this speed going northwest, how long until we meet again on the train in his head, was pure genius!  And somewhere within that math problem was a point in time where he would run into Maggie and crew, and then they managed to drive into the tunnel just in time to save Tara and Glenn from getting eaten!  Genius!

Meanwhile, I think I was trying to ignore this possibility, but Darryl is hanging out with those wild men who barged in the house during Rick's nap!  I was hoping they weren't evil, but they certainly can't be good if their current mission is to hunt down Rick and they kill people for telling a lie.  Oh no!  I hope Darryl will be able to stop them from hurting Rick, although Darryl is clearly no longer in his right mind.  What is with him just going along with these guys without asking many questions?  And what the heck!  Did he just say f Beth? Because he's definitely no longer worried about finding her.

Maggie, Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Eugene, Bob, Sasha, and Rosita made it to Terminus.  Maybe it's just me, but it looks awfully suspicious if a lady cooking at a sanctuary in an apocolyptic world doesn't even flinch when new survivors show up.  Cookoo, Cookoo, (the sound of a cookoo clock) I sense craziness a-brewing...

AAAaaah, I'm worried again!  Rick is not healed yet but it seems that he's in for another ass whoopin.  And boo, next is the season finale which means, a cliff-hanger and a long wait until the next episode.  What's going to happen?  I'm scared!

Check out Hollywood Life,, and the San Jose Mercury News for full recaps of the episode.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Walking Dead Highlights Season 4 Episode 13 and 14

Fog fight was scary awesome!

Episode 13 - All Tracks Lead to Terminus

Well guys, I guess it was another boring episode with Darryl and Beth.  Just Kidding!  There was definitely lots more action in this episode than the last (although again, I liked episode 12 even though lots of people didn't).

Beth is still not so smart.  She tries using the cross bow and steps in some sort of trap that hurts her ankle area.  So you are basically in what one could consider a war zone and you have only 1 outfit, the clothes on your back, but the strongest most sturdy bite (or trap) proof combat boots possible were not your one choice?  Are cowboy boots made for hiking through woods because I thought they were just made for walking.  Why does it seem like Glenn is the only one taking serious precautions to prevent being bitten even when bitten (refer to his zombie proof robocop outfit as seen in twd post season 4 episode 10)?  I know Beth wasn't bitten, but my point is, WEAR APPROPRIATE ATTIRE!  There's no need for a country fashion statement!  Get you some military standard combat boots.  I'm sure her feet are small so her size was likely still at the store.  That small squirrell trap (or whatever it was) shouldn't have been able to pierce through her shoe enough to render her unable to walk for long periods (oh Darryl, please carry me).  Idiot!

Then they find that funeral home and see how spotless it is and perfectly filled with food, yet there were no zombies inside, so clearly someone lives there (present not past tense).  I'm not saying that they should have left, but they should have prepared for a potential crazy person.  Again with the no "just in case" planning.  It's all well and good that Darryl was changing and trying to become a more trusting person, but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared with a "bad guy backup plan".  Let's not go overboard with the niceness!

Meanwhile, on the railroad tracks to Terminus we got Sasha trying to talk Maggie out of continuing her search for Glenn.  Really?  This girl managed to find a boyfriend/husband in a world where most people are dead, recently lost him as well as the rest of her family, and is pregnant with his baby, but you think she's going to give up hope of finding that man?  Why should she anyway?  What else is anyone doing?  Y'all ain't got jobs, food, much sense of time passing by...y'all ain't got $%*@ to do!  Flashback to '90s classic movie, Friday, lol.

Sure you could find a house and just hang out, hoping that no evil people come by and try to ruin you, but you can find a house anywhere.  Frankly I don't understand why they haven't found houses before this.  They're all empty (for the most part) and free for the taking!  They should have done like the Governor, found a gated community, cleared it of zombies, and moved in.  But still, they can do that later.  Looking for their people, especially with a baby on the way, should be their priority.  Even Bob (the alcohlic who is now growing on me) was trying to convince Stacy that having people is what really matters, not settling down and getting comfortable somewhere.  But Sasha insisted on complaining, so Maggie went without them to look for Glenn.  She got pretty warrier woman too, gutting walkers along the way the use their coagulated blood to write messages to Glenn.

Bob was pretty distraught to find Maggie gone, you can tell he definitely values people.  After a quick makeout session he even left Sasha to go find Maggie.  That's pretty deep, because a kiss in the apocolypse when people are scarce, basically means that you are now married, partners.  He chose to leave what may be his only chance at a partner to go help his friend find her partner.  Good choice, but then I was nervous, because now the 3 are all split up, very dangerous.

Well we all know that all turned out well.  Sasha found her a building to move into, looked out the window and recognized Maggie napping on the ground with walker corpses, WTF?! Sasha had a wtf moment as well, and while trying to bang on a window to get Maggie's attention, the window fell out of it's sill and woke up all surrounding walkers!  Sasha rushed out of the building and into the hoard of walkers that surrounded Maggie.  They fought the zombies, yay girl power, made up, and Sasha agreed to help Maggie find Glenn.  Soon after, they caught up to Bob on the train tracks.  Yay!

Not so happy ending for Beth and Darryl.  For some idiotic reason, Darryl thought it made sense to not use the windows to see who made a nooise outside.  Well there was a reason, earlier a noise was made outside and it was just a creepy 1 eyed dog who quickly ran away when Darryl stepped near him.  So Darryl assumed that this 2nd noise must be the dog again.  Darryl opens the door and is bombarded by a bunch of zombies pushing through the door.  How is this really even possible?  Let's think about this.  At best, zombies can do a quick shuffle, and yes we see that they travel in packs, and yes I'm sure bad people set this trap up and therefore lured the zombies onto the porch in a way that didn't trigger Darryl's noise alert, but how could anyone keep 10s of zombies quietly gathered in front of a door?  Those walkers moan rather loudly on a regular basis, and they don't tend to just stand there patiently, they're always reaching and grasping at something.  So I'm pretty sure while being gathered onto the porch, walkers would've been loud enough to draw attention to the front door before the bad people rang the doorbell, so to speak.

Let's play along for the show's sake though.  Zombies busted into the house, obviously a trap by whoever set the house up so perfectly.  Darryl yells for Beth to get out, but he gets trapped in the basement emballment room.  This was actually the most awesome part of the episode for me.  Darryl is trapped in this tiny room with like 30 walkers aiming for him.  Somehow, using something pointy (knife I guess) and a guerny, he manages to kill enough walkers, that can't do anything but reach for him over the gurney, scurry under the gurney and zombie hoard to another gurney, kills some more and makes it out of that clausterphobic basement room and up the steps which more zombies were coming down.  Darryl (or should I say, his writers) are amazing!  I don't know how anyone could be that good and get out of that predicament so unbitten!  Well, maybe Tyreese could, but he would have just killed them all, not scurry around them.  Darryl makes it out of the house just to notice a car drive away that seems to have Beth in it.  Of, course, she, would, get, caught.

Darryl looks for the car, then gives up and wallows in a crossroad.  Eventually a crew of dudes that look like hunters come out of the woods and find him.  DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!!!

Who are these wild looking hunter guys?  Are they good or bad?  Do they have Beth?  Will they help find Beth?  What do you think? 

Why would someone want to trap/kill people like that?  He was obviously trying to kill them.  With all of the involvement in walkers and dead people this person obviously has, what if they are the one's who started the whole epidemic?  So much for Beth thinking that this was a nice person who wanted to give walkers a nice berial.

Episode 14 - Look at the Flowers

Now for the craziest most unexpected thing I ever could've imagined.  Lizzie killed her sister to turn her into a walker and was going to try it with baby Judith as well.  WHYYYYYYY!!! When she said that "I know what I have to do" I yelled at the Carol to ask that girl to explain exactly what it is that she felt she needed to do because  I wasn't confident that that she and Carol were on the same page.  I knew the girl was mad, and I knew her walker loving self would end up getting people killed, but I never thought that she'd kill someone!  Herself maybe, so that she could join the walker club, but not her sister.  How is she gonna force zombism on her like that?  Freedom of choice Lizzie, freedom of choice!  Just because you choose to like and want to be a walker doesn't mean you get to force your sister into it, just like they couldn't force you to get your act together.  It's like she was a freedom fighter for the walkers.  NOOOOOOO!  Walkers are not anything similar to slaves, it's not the oppression of the living dead, they're not being attacked, they are the ones doing the attacking!  This girl needed a little more schooling before she decided to become an activist.  Jeez!
I was just about to do Judith.

They're just hungry.
She's my friend!

I'm happy that Carol shot that girl.  She was a psycho killer who was dangerous.  She had to go!  I really wish they would have let her wait for her sister to wake up zombified, and let her get eaten by the sister that she murdered.  That would have been fitting punishment.  Although crazy Liz would have thought of it as a game.  Smh, we knew she wasn't normal back when we saw her playing footsies with bloody mucus on the prison floor.  Ugh, that is too sad.

I'm also happy that Carol told Tyrees that she killed his girlfriend.  That man is a great actor because I could feel the rage steaming from his body through the screen, as well as the stregnth it took for him to not flip the table and start flinging Carol around the house like a rag doll.  Let's just imagine that scene, because we all know that he could do it, that's a LARGE hunk of man.  But anyways, he's awesome for letting it go.  He really overreacted anyway, that girl was definitely bound to die unfortunately, Carol just did it (unnecessarily) sooner.  You could tell that Carol was ready to die though.  I'm sure that hit too close to home, her daughter died last year, now these 2 adopted daughters died, 1 of which she had to kill herself.  She looked disappointed when Tyrees didn't rage out and kill her.  How sad sad sad.

Other heartbreaks in this episode; Tyrees loses his chance to have a living room (don't worry, it's just temporary, hopefully) and they didn't find Darryl.  They were so close!  They saw the smoke and were attacked by sizzling walkers, but since they never went to explore the fire they missed members of their crew.  I don't know why you wouldn't think to check out all signs of human life knowing that you are missing some people, but these folks are the only group not hunting for their other members, so of course, they'd be the ones who actually had the chance to find them.  One day, hopefully soon, these groups will join together again as one.

R.I.P. Mika and Lizzie

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chipotle is Giving Out Free Food, SIKE!

1947588 10152014071452613 1190952706 n No, Chipotle Is Not Giving Out Free Burritos Based On Shares [Hoaxed]

 So I just recieved this ad from a facebook friend.  First thing that made me suspicious; no fine print!  I am an avid coupon user (ain't no shame in my game) so I know that basically ALL coupons have fine print.  The fine print doesn't always have anything that would prevent normal use of a coupon, but it just clarifies and is VERY specific about who and how the coupon can be used.  So before reposting this ad (which wasn't from Chipotle themselves, 2nd red flag) I decided to do a quick search to see if this ad was real or fake.

Clearly without even asking google if the promotion is a scam, you can see that it is.  I literally just searched "chipotle free meal facebook" and basically every article on the topic is calling the facebook ad a fake!  The one's that aren't are simply on a different Chipotle topic all together.  So although this would have been a great party for your mouth, it's not the real deal.  "If it seems to good to be true, it probably is."

So WARNING*** Do not be the person going to Chipotle, holding up the line because you are trying to get them to take your ad and give you your order for free.  It's bad enough if you order and don't buy the meal (since it isn't free).  They would have a lot of wasted meals on their hands!  But I guess the employees would get the free food.

Can you imagine though?  If all you had to do was show this ad for a free meal, with no stated price limit by the way (red flag #3) and the offer expires March 20.  You know how many times I'd be going back and forth to Chipotle and ordering the most expensive meal possible with my 100 copies of that ad?  I'd have disguises and everything to change how I look every time.  Just like kids going to the "good" house on Halloween.  They'd be out of business from just me alone, at least at my local Chipotle.

So yeah, a free meal coupon with no restrictions whatsoever and the ability to duplicate as much as you want?  Smart move Chipotle for NOT having done that.

The Walking Dead was SO BORING!! Season 4 Episode 12

Well we say...

That's what I keep reading in comments about the Walking Dead episode "Still".  I may be one of the only people to disagree.  I for one think that the episode was interesting, plus the added factor of my always being on edge, worried a zombie will come out of nowhere and take a bite out of someone (R.I.P. T-Dog).


This may be my love for psychology talking, but major strides in getting Darryl to heal a bit, were taken, which I personally love.  He is a severely damaged individual, and I mean pre-zombieapocolyptic damaged.  His life was crap, so he has major issues, but is also very good at surviving because of the crap he has faced, thus continues to be an mvp (most valuable post-apocolypticsurvivor) in the zombie world.  I mean, people always forget that this is a DRAMA about living in a zombie ridden world.  Not every episode is going to be action packed, sometimes a story (which is part of the drama aspect) needs to be developed.  And I think that is what was done with this episode.

I personally have never really liked Beth as a character.  But hey, the fact that she is getting to be better at fending for herself (much like Carol did, but hopefully won't go Carol crazy) makes me like her a little bit more.  Beth also likes asking a bunch of annoying questions in this episode, but if those annoying questions help Darryl's mental state, it makes me like Beth a little more still.

But during the episode, to Beth's questions, I couldn't help but keep yelling at the TV; "You idiot!  What kind of question is that?  We already know he was abused and neglected and ran around with his crazy racist brother doing not so commendable things pre zombpocolypse!  Motorcycle repairman?  Security guard?  You've got to be kidding me!!"  She was making me so mad with those stupid questions.  But then I realized, she didn't meet Darryl until what, season 2?  When they found the farm and her family.  So by that time, we all knew basically what kind of life and person Darryl was, but I'm sure he didn't rehash his life story with these new people.  Even while they were living on the farm, Darryl barely spoke to the farm people, if anyone at all he talked to the originals, since he's not much of a talker in the first place.  *Memory Lane:  Who remembers when Darryl kept hallucinatedly (made up word) seeing armless Merle in that creek?  Was that not the scariest most confusing thing ever?  And then later it turns out that Merle actually had been alive!  Crazy and lucky for him, but scary for us since Merle was a bit psychotic, but then awesome because Merle came up with that amazingly genious plan to lure walkers to the Governor (via having them follow his car playing loud music) and then he failed to kill him and got killed himself instead (still confused as to how the governor got out of being completely trapped in a building surrounded by walkers) but became an awesomely scary/cool/sad walker :'-(  I bawled for Darryl's lost.  But I swear that goes down in history as one of my favorite kill schemes ever!  Up there with the wheelchair bomb and Gus coming out looking like 2-face fixing his tie before dying, from Breaking Bad (I miss that show).

I digress...  But yeah, both Darryl and Beth got some issues.  How about Beth's declaration that she "needs a drink".  Oh, ok, we'll get right on that Beth. SMH.  I love how Darryl thought that was so dumb that he just pretended not to hear her and kept chowing down on his freshly grilled snake.


#@$% REALLY!!??  This is the best thing you can come up with to do with your free time?  Risking your life for alcohol alone is pretty dumb, but wanting to suddenly become a drinker, KNOWING that your dad was an alcoholic is magnificently dumb!  I know Beth isn't a doctor, or necessarily all that smart, but her dad was, so I'm sure he told her that alcoholism is genetic.  Last thing we need is her becoming an alcoholic (we already got Bob) when she barely knows how to defend herself sober.  Plus there actually are other things you can be doing with your time!  How about trying to find your sister and other jailhouse "family" who may be alive, and look for alcohol on your way.  At least be a little logical with your pre planned alcohol induced stupor.  GEEZ!

OK, enough with my ranting about Beth.  How about that country club of doom!!!!  That was really special.  I guess once they drank all the alcohol in the place (how is it really all gone?) they decided to kill themselves.  SMH.  Cool scene though.  If I were Beth and Darryl, I probably would've took a few outfits though, just for backup, because they don't seem to have any.  LOL at the thought of hardcore bow slinger Darryl wearing those preppy golfer clothes.  That'd be a site to see 8-D

My favorite scene of this episode was the back hug.  How kdrama of you Walking Dead :-)  That's all I could think while watching it unfold.  It was so sudden and so sweet, and look, back hugs really do help!  But, please don't end up falling in love Darryl and Beth, because
  1. that's a pretty gross age difference (not that I'm ageist, but Beth's too young right now)
  2. Darryl has a girlfriend, Carol who is crazy and is still alive
But it'd be cute if they become bff!  I'm just saying...

What did you think of this episode of  the Walking Dead?  Loved it?  Hated it? Couldn't tolerate the Beth of it? 

*Check out a full episode recap at Persephone Magazine, or anywhere linked in my previous highlights posts.