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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16 Finale: O.M.F.G! Reunited in Terminus?

O.M.F.G! I usually wait til the end of the episode to start writing, but after 15 minutes of the season 4 finale of the walking dead, I needed a break for fear I might have a heart attack, or throw up, or just freak the f out!  This is what all went through my mind as I was watching the walking dead last night, alone, in a dark room, by myself...

OK, calm down self.

See, I was already scared to watch this episode.  Here I am with the great idea to yet again watch the walking dead before bed (at 1am) and then the scene of a bloody Rick sitting alone against a truck reminded me about the crazy men that are after him.

Fast forward to Rick and Michonne talking by the fire while Carl is napping in the truck that they found. AAAaaahhh, I jumped about 12 feet in the air when the men pulled the gun on Rick.  How'd they sneak up on them like that?  Are they really that good?  Where the f is Darryl?!  If those men were all about justice and fairness with no lies, why are they attacking a kid?  Since the one guy saw Rick, he knows that it was only Rick in the house, so they're doing extra torturing Michonne and Carl as well.  And how sick!!!!  They are planning to rape Michonne as well as Carl?  AAAaaahhh!!!!! They are insane lunitics! I knew it!

Finally Darryl comes out of the woods and tells the leader guy not to hurt them, "they're good people".  Well Darryl, too bad those me aren't good people, so they don't care.  Crazy old man leader accuses Darryl of lying.  Because if you don't agree with his plan, you are obviously a liar.  He orders the men to give Darryl the "liars punishment" (remember from last ep, that means you get beat to death).  WTF?!?  That was actually a stupid move on the leader's part because now he got some of his men distracted and otherwise occupied beating up Darryl, which gave Rick a chance to weigh his options.  Old man leader probably thought that Rick would be easy to handle since he's just 1 man, much smaller than his men, with a woman and child on board.  Well they messed with the wrong one, because guess what, Rick's crae crae too!  Rick went straight up zombie on them dudes! He bit a chunk out of the old guy's neck!  Literally went CHOMP on what seems to be an important artery since blood went shooting out of the bite hole (yup, Rick bit a hole out of his neck).  That was crazy and awesome and necessary!  The bad men were looking at him all shocked and confused as to whether he was human or walker.  So Michonne jumped into action and took her guy out and  then went for Carl who was now a hostage by that porky pervert.  Seriously, was that porky guy really just all over Carl, like he couldn't wait to have his way with him?  How effing sick!  As soon as that perv saw Rick coming he stopped what he was doing with a quickness, scared to death.  Yes perv, be scared of Rick, you ain't so tuff once your friends all died huh? Rick gutted that perv!  I mean I paused the show right now due to the myocardial infarction I was about to have, but the last thing I heard was Rick still stabbing the guy, even though he was already dead.

So as you can see, the good guys won.  Rick didn't even get his ass whooped (again) which is what I was really worried about (how many more beatings does that man have to go through?) but I'm still traumatized!  The bad guys are dead, Rick and Darryl are together again but I got the chills.  It was a really quick battle but it was oh so brutal!  I can't get over how they threatened to do things to Michonne and Carl, brrrrrr, chills.  Before the attack Michonne was expressing her concern for Terminus ending up being like the Governor's place.  I guess you can worry a little less now because clearly Rick ain't gonna let nothing happen on his watch. Rick don't play!

I am seriously majorly freaked out! This is rare since I LOVE horror movies and have seen so much blood, killings, and torture in movies that I'm pretty desensitized to it (except the Human Centipede, that almost made me wanna puke, almost).  But yeah, I needed to calm myself before watching the rest of the episode.  Wasn't that a super amazingly good first 15 minutes though!?  OK, I'll go back to watching the rest now.

Now I was able to calm down and finish the rest of the show, here are my chosen key moments...

Rick, Michonne, Darryl, and Carl made it to Terminus!  Thankfully, they are far more suspicious than our previous arrivers.  The scope out the area and Rick hides their stock of weapons in the woods outside of the perimeter, in case their weapons are confiscated inside (smart thinking Rick). I personally find it super suspicious that this is a sanctuary but it seems like no one is ever around outside.  It's a pretty abandoned sanctuary.  But they decide it's OK (probably because it's abandoned, therefore doesn't look threatening) and go inside, surprising the Terminites in their factory.  All is well and good until they are about to eat, but Rick notices a guy with a watch that he recognizes is Hershel's.  Time for another round of crazy as Rick takes the watch guy hostage and all of the soldiers surrounding Terminus are revealed.  After some standoffs, Rick and crew finally surrender, since they are outnumbered, and they are herded into a train car.  Props to Carl for noticing that the Terminites were obviously not trying to kill them.  I was even saying that while watching, like either they are the worst shooters ever (because they definitely could have easily killed our people, they were out in the open) or they're shooting them in a way trying to direct them to go somewhere.

Another lackluster reunion occurred when Rick and the others got put in the train car and noticed Glenn and the others inside.  Since they're being held hostage it's not exactly the most joyous occasion to have found each other again.  Maggie didn't bother asking about her sister, and she actually could have gotten some information from Darryl.  So it's official, Maggie went this whole season without giving 2 sh$ts about her little sister's well being, that really is pretty disgusting.  She's known Glenn what, 1 year, and has known her sister forever, yet only cares about Glenn.  Don't you hate it when girls get a boyfriend and suddenly couldn't care less about anyone else but that boyfriend?  I guess it still happens even during a zombie apocalypse.

Anyways, I think this whole episode was summed up perfectly when Rick said that they will be surprised when they find out that, "They're screwing with the wrong people."  No truer words have been said.

This Walking Dead Season 4 Finale was so good!  Most of our people have found each other, no one died, and there's no severe cliff hanger yet I can't wait to see what happens next!  I'm going to go ahead and throw this out there, witchcraft.  Everyone of those Terminus people are fairly young except for the 2 middle aged women.  Those two are the perfect age to be seasoned witches, and the room with candles and weird writing adds to my thoughts of witchcraft (or something similar). I'm glad it seems like Tyreese Carol and baby Judith didn't make it there yet.  I'm hoping they were nearby, heard the gunshots and will stay away because of it.  And what about Beth?  Are her kidnappers members of team Terminus or is it yet another group of crazies?

How did you like the episode?  What do you think Terminus is all about?

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