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The Walking Dead was SO BORING!! Season 4 Episode 12

Well we say...

That's what I keep reading in comments about the Walking Dead episode "Still".  I may be one of the only people to disagree.  I for one think that the episode was interesting, plus the added factor of my always being on edge, worried a zombie will come out of nowhere and take a bite out of someone (R.I.P. T-Dog).


This may be my love for psychology talking, but major strides in getting Darryl to heal a bit, were taken, which I personally love.  He is a severely damaged individual, and I mean pre-zombieapocolyptic damaged.  His life was crap, so he has major issues, but is also very good at surviving because of the crap he has faced, thus continues to be an mvp (most valuable post-apocolypticsurvivor) in the zombie world.  I mean, people always forget that this is a DRAMA about living in a zombie ridden world.  Not every episode is going to be action packed, sometimes a story (which is part of the drama aspect) needs to be developed.  And I think that is what was done with this episode.

I personally have never really liked Beth as a character.  But hey, the fact that she is getting to be better at fending for herself (much like Carol did, but hopefully won't go Carol crazy) makes me like her a little bit more.  Beth also likes asking a bunch of annoying questions in this episode, but if those annoying questions help Darryl's mental state, it makes me like Beth a little more still.

But during the episode, to Beth's questions, I couldn't help but keep yelling at the TV; "You idiot!  What kind of question is that?  We already know he was abused and neglected and ran around with his crazy racist brother doing not so commendable things pre zombpocolypse!  Motorcycle repairman?  Security guard?  You've got to be kidding me!!"  She was making me so mad with those stupid questions.  But then I realized, she didn't meet Darryl until what, season 2?  When they found the farm and her family.  So by that time, we all knew basically what kind of life and person Darryl was, but I'm sure he didn't rehash his life story with these new people.  Even while they were living on the farm, Darryl barely spoke to the farm people, if anyone at all he talked to the originals, since he's not much of a talker in the first place.  *Memory Lane:  Who remembers when Darryl kept hallucinatedly (made up word) seeing armless Merle in that creek?  Was that not the scariest most confusing thing ever?  And then later it turns out that Merle actually had been alive!  Crazy and lucky for him, but scary for us since Merle was a bit psychotic, but then awesome because Merle came up with that amazingly genious plan to lure walkers to the Governor (via having them follow his car playing loud music) and then he failed to kill him and got killed himself instead (still confused as to how the governor got out of being completely trapped in a building surrounded by walkers) but became an awesomely scary/cool/sad walker :'-(  I bawled for Darryl's lost.  But I swear that goes down in history as one of my favorite kill schemes ever!  Up there with the wheelchair bomb and Gus coming out looking like 2-face fixing his tie before dying, from Breaking Bad (I miss that show).

I digress...  But yeah, both Darryl and Beth got some issues.  How about Beth's declaration that she "needs a drink".  Oh, ok, we'll get right on that Beth. SMH.  I love how Darryl thought that was so dumb that he just pretended not to hear her and kept chowing down on his freshly grilled snake.


#@$% REALLY!!??  This is the best thing you can come up with to do with your free time?  Risking your life for alcohol alone is pretty dumb, but wanting to suddenly become a drinker, KNOWING that your dad was an alcoholic is magnificently dumb!  I know Beth isn't a doctor, or necessarily all that smart, but her dad was, so I'm sure he told her that alcoholism is genetic.  Last thing we need is her becoming an alcoholic (we already got Bob) when she barely knows how to defend herself sober.  Plus there actually are other things you can be doing with your time!  How about trying to find your sister and other jailhouse "family" who may be alive, and look for alcohol on your way.  At least be a little logical with your pre planned alcohol induced stupor.  GEEZ!

OK, enough with my ranting about Beth.  How about that country club of doom!!!!  That was really special.  I guess once they drank all the alcohol in the place (how is it really all gone?) they decided to kill themselves.  SMH.  Cool scene though.  If I were Beth and Darryl, I probably would've took a few outfits though, just for backup, because they don't seem to have any.  LOL at the thought of hardcore bow slinger Darryl wearing those preppy golfer clothes.  That'd be a site to see 8-D

My favorite scene of this episode was the back hug.  How kdrama of you Walking Dead :-)  That's all I could think while watching it unfold.  It was so sudden and so sweet, and look, back hugs really do help!  But, please don't end up falling in love Darryl and Beth, because
  1. that's a pretty gross age difference (not that I'm ageist, but Beth's too young right now)
  2. Darryl has a girlfriend, Carol who is crazy and is still alive
But it'd be cute if they become bff!  I'm just saying...

What did you think of this episode of  the Walking Dead?  Loved it?  Hated it? Couldn't tolerate the Beth of it? 

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