Monday, February 24, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11

Michonne and Carl best friends forever!  I'm such a fan of the thought of Michonne and Rick getting together and them all being a happy family and getting baby Judith back.  This is my dream and it must come true!  Don't be sad Carl, you'll get your baby sister back :'(

OMG those scary men coming into Rick's house.  I nearly died twice!  Thank goodness Rick didn't get caught, he's just now coming back from the dead from his last beating.  Those men though, it says a lot about someone that they'd fight each other that hard just to have a bigger bed.  Clearly those men are crazy idiots, as if there's time to put people in sleeper holds in a zombie world.  If they had to move suddenly, that guy is getting left behind because he can't be awakened and is too heavy to carry.  The war with the Governor is finally over and everyone is separated yet we can't get two days of rest without finding new people to try to kill us, in addition to zombies.  Ugh!

Glenn, get well soon!  Go find your wife!  Abraham, how do y'all like him?  You deserved that punch Abe, don't be claiming that people are dead unless you seen their dead body, rude!  Glenn's still sick but did a good job fighting against a man twice his size.  Say something else Abe, try it!

But for real, I'm team Abraham.  I already know that I'm biased because 1. I love red heads and 2. I love large men.  He's a little one track minded and "it's my way or the highway", right now.  But hopefully he'll change, be on our side, and stay alive (please).  A team with Rick, Daryl, Tyreese, Glenn, and Abraham is a team that I want to be a part of.

Shocker of the episode though:  So the mullet is a scientist?  Being a scientist myself I am both shocked and fascinated at this phenomenon.  Alls I'm saying is I'd love to meet this scientist who is smart enough to save the world, yet chose to wear his hair mullet style.  More than how he will save the world, I want to know what the science is behind his choice hairstyle.

While I'm talking about the mad mullet scientist, how smart can he really be to be living in a zombie infested world but not know how to use weapons properly?  He damn near killed everyone trying to shoot at the zombies!  Wasting bullets when he could have just yelled for the others to help kill them by hand!  He killed probably the most useful car they're likely to find.  And then had the nerve to say, "Trust me, I'm smarter than you".  Really?  If I was Abe, I would have said, "Your hair says otherwise".  Based on hair alone I'm definitely trusting a ginger over a mullet.  Lol.

Rick, Carl, and Michonne are now following the yellow brick road (aka the railroad tracks) so they're certainly going to find Carol, Tyreese, and the kids soon right?  I can feel it, but they may end up finding Daryl, and Beth first.  Here's to hoping our jail people find each other quickly.

Michonne, Carl, and Rick Walk on the train Tracks in Season 4, Episode 11: "Claimed"

This episode really makes you think...

What do you think will occur in the future based on what happened?

P.S. I found another place that does recaps, walking dead cast, one writer is named Mr. Blahg.  With a name like that you gotta love it!  They have lots of awesome clips and sneak peaks too.

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  1. You almost died twice? I almost died a million times more. I'm so glad Rick is smart because if not, that would have been one awful way to die. As for the two men REALLY?!?!?!?! a bed is THAT important? I don't even have anymore else to add on to that. That's how pointless that situation was. Anywho... as for the scientist Í'm definitely being cautious about him. I would not be surprised if he really wasn't a scientist. This show has too many twists and turns to just take things for what they are. And what's wrong with his hair? lol oh and I <3 Michonne.