Monday, February 17, 2014

The Walking Dead is Back! Season 4 Episode 10

Relief Relief Relief! Is what I feel after last night's Walking Dead.  Everyone that I care about have now been confirmed alive, yay!  I always knew that they'd be alive, but apparently I'm the only one.  Every member of the prison group (just about) has no faith in anyone's ability to survive outside of the prison.  As if they weren't doing that for over a year before they found the prison.  I can understand thinking the people they rescued from the governor's town not surviving, because they weren't strong fighters to begin with, they just sat behind the gates and let the governor handle everything for them.  But Tyreese, Rick, Maggie, Darryl, and the others?  They've all proved themselves to be good survivors in a world full of walkers, so why is everyone thinking that they're likely dead just because this displacement happened?  People have really turned hopeless.

Rick woke from a coma in a zombie filled hospital not even knowing that the world went to hell, yet he somehow made it to find his family in another state!  We already know that Darryl is a badass crossbow shooting hunter.  Tyreese survived being completely engulfed in a sea of walkers, using just an ice pick.  Everyone's had to survive one way or another before they found each other and before they found the prison, so I don't get why it makes sense to assume that everyone simply laid down and let the zombies eat them simply because they've been separated.  These people need to get a grip, use their brains, and stop being so pessimistic!  It is offending me personally when certain survivors are basically calling the rest weaklings who can't survive without the prison's protection.  Yes I'm talking to you Sasha.  Ain't nobody commiting suicide via zombie, they will fight to survive!

Carol is back by the way.  I thought she would have stayed at one of the houses where Rick left her, but I guess I was wrong.  Apparently she's been lurking in the woods spying on the prison this whole time (creeper alert) and stalked Tyreese and the kids to offer her services as babysitter.  Thank goodness, because Tyreese dealing with all them kids by himself is very risky.  Especially the crying baby (calling all walkers, come and get your dinner).  It is the cutest site though, gigantic black man with 2 kids and a baby on board.  I wonder what's gonna happen when he finds out what Carol did though?

I'm also wondering about the woman's scream that Tyreese went for though.  Did I miss that the screaming lady had already been eaten by the time Tyreese got to the scene?  I highly doubt that it was Carol's scream, she knows better than to be making all that noise (attracting more walkers).

But yeah, those were the highlights for me.  Now we know that Maggie (and crew) is on a mini rampage to find Glenn.  Glenn (and Tara) is robo-copping his way to find Maggie.  Darryl is tracking whoever he can find thanks to Beth's persuasion.  And Carol, Tyreese and the children are following the yellow brick road to find the wizard (aka safe zone).  So it'll be interesting to see where they'll all meet and what Rick, Carl and Michonne decide to do.

Oh yeah!  A new group of men that look like countryside wrestlers have appeared (out of nowhere with the quietest large vehicle ever)!  Hopefully they'll be useful and not evil/psychotic.

And what was with the bus full of prison crew turned walkers?  Did they all just decide to kill themselves on a bus?  It doesn't seem very realistic that they'd ALL die like that (or did I miss something).  At least one person should have made it out of the bus alive had a zombie outbreak occurred.  They probably would have left the door/window open, so that the other walkers could have gotten out instead of being locked in there like that.  Because the bus didn't seem to be crashed, therefore it was still a usable means of transportation.

Ugh, so much drama and so many questions.  I still can't believe that there was no preplanned just-in-case meetup spot.  That's just too ridiculous to believe that their plan was, "when the governor shows up, and we know he will, everyone just scatter!"  I can't believe they wouldn't have had a better plan.  I also can't believe that more people didn't go back to check on the prison.  It seemed pretty salvageable to me, and now there's no governor trying to take over.  But no, that's too logical I guess.

What were your thoughts on this week's The Walking Dead episode?

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  1. I agree there are wayyyyy too many unanswered questions. I thought it was the CUTEST thing seeing Tyreese try to manage taking care of three girls by himself. As for Carol, it's funny that you mentioned her stalker behavior because I immediately thought the same exact thing. I just pictured her being a peeper in the forest all those days lol I was also mad that Darryl was so shaken up by everything that he lost a little bit of his normal motivation to survive (more or less) I'm glad he finally started to wake up. Now is not the time to be disturbed by things. Lastly, in terms of the back up plan, I really hope this time around they make one. I still don't understand why they didn't make one. Oh well. We'll just have to keep waiting each episode to see what happens next.