Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chipotle is Giving Out Free Food, SIKE!

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 So I just recieved this ad from a facebook friend.  First thing that made me suspicious; no fine print!  I am an avid coupon user (ain't no shame in my game) so I know that basically ALL coupons have fine print.  The fine print doesn't always have anything that would prevent normal use of a coupon, but it just clarifies and is VERY specific about who and how the coupon can be used.  So before reposting this ad (which wasn't from Chipotle themselves, 2nd red flag) I decided to do a quick search to see if this ad was real or fake.

Clearly without even asking google if the promotion is a scam, you can see that it is.  I literally just searched "chipotle free meal facebook" and basically every article on the topic is calling the facebook ad a fake!  The one's that aren't are simply on a different Chipotle topic all together.  So although this would have been a great party for your mouth, it's not the real deal.  "If it seems to good to be true, it probably is."

So WARNING*** Do not be the person going to Chipotle, holding up the line because you are trying to get them to take your ad and give you your order for free.  It's bad enough if you order and don't buy the meal (since it isn't free).  They would have a lot of wasted meals on their hands!  But I guess the employees would get the free food.

Can you imagine though?  If all you had to do was show this ad for a free meal, with no stated price limit by the way (red flag #3) and the offer expires March 20.  You know how many times I'd be going back and forth to Chipotle and ordering the most expensive meal possible with my 100 copies of that ad?  I'd have disguises and everything to change how I look every time.  Just like kids going to the "good" house on Halloween.  They'd be out of business from just me alone, at least at my local Chipotle.

So yeah, a free meal coupon with no restrictions whatsoever and the ability to duplicate as much as you want?  Smart move Chipotle for NOT having done that.

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