Monday, January 13, 2014


OMG, just learned that Fox programming president Frank Riley said that Glee was moving to NYC, thanks E news!  This is the best news ever!  Actually this is perfect timing because a post about Glee has been long overdue.  If you know me then you know that Glee is my happiness, and that I am OBSESSED with New York City.  So the bits of Glee that are in NYC are my favorite (ever since people started graduating).  

I finally caught up on this season of Glee yesterday and thought it looked highly likely that they would finally do what I've been waiting for since the NYC side story started, and today it is confirmed.  Yay!!!  I can not wait!  Oh please let Trouty mouth get into the Bichette modelling agency in NYC, I can already see the hilarity (and the Tyra).

I am seriously overjoyed because I really can't see much more happening at McKinley High, and I didn't want Glee to end up ruining itself by trying to stay running as long as possible no matter how boring and repetitive the story lines got.  But I could totally see how focusing on the NYC characters could bring interesting stories.  Even the show has been making fun of itself and the characters on the show (even moreso than usual) so they obviously recognize their need to move on.  

I am super excited and super hopeful to see what will come in the future for Glee.  Ryan Murphy, keep up the good work!

Glee comes back February 25, I REALLY can't wait now!  Here are some of my favorite Glee performances.

Almost died, What does the fox say? 

Still love Glee's version of we are young better than the original.

Ugh, and my girl Cherice just tried to kill herself.  Don't do that Cherice!  Just keep singing!

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!  Who doesn't want party and party and fun!?

Obsessed with Glee's Poker Face with Idina Menzel.

Glee's original song, loser like me, is the story of my life. LOL (but it really is).

And with this version of Neyo's Let me love you (until you learn to love yourself), I was instantly in love with Jake.  So I'm hoping he goes to NYC as well.  He's a dancer, so Nyata please?

I'll stop there because this list could easily turn into 50 videos.  Basically, I love Glee and it just about makes my life that it will move to my favorite city.  

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