Monday, January 13, 2014

Really?! Octomom, Dennis Rodman, Caffeine, and Texting

Today's news has some interesting (and by interesting I mean ridiculous) stories, I thought I'd share.

Texting argument in Tampa-area movie theater leaves 1 dead, 1 wounded is the title of a news article. It seems that someone got extra mad about someone else texting and being loud in the theater. *Sighs* I guess this is why you never want to be "that person" at the movies. Really though? What movie was this guy watching that was sooo great that someone needed to shut up or get shut?! Straight to the insane asylum for that one.

Rodman's North Korea Trips Signal Basketball Push by Leader Kim according to this Bloomberg News article. I can't say I'm surprised, that's what I was thinking ever since I heard that Rodman was going over there. We all know how important basketball is in a country where most people are starving, being made into slaves, and murdered. Sports are clearly what is needed in North Korea right now...


I'm still holding out hope that this is all part of Dennis Rodman's plan to raise awareness of the new holocaust -like situation in North Korea, in order to stop it. Yup, it's all his master plan (fingers crossed).

'Octomom' charged with welfare fraud Fox News reports. I thought we already knew this bit of info, but OK is she going to jail yet? She apparently failed to report over $30,000 that she earned. Again, seek help! You ain't mentally right to begin with when you pay in order to have more babies when you don't have a partner or enough money for the ones you got. I still don't know how that was even a thing that popped into her head. Maybe her career goal was to have as many kids as possible in order to live off of welfare. Then it makes "sense" (I use that term loosely).

You will all be happy to learn that Forbes says a scientific study explains Why A Little Caffeine Can Help Your Brain Remember. Really?! OK, yay! (I'm not even going to question it, thank you.)

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