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A Difference Between Me and Stupid People: YouTube Awards, Video of the Year, Girls' Generation and Racists

Everyone knows that YouTube started it's own awards show right?  I knew it was happening because I watch my shows online and have been assaulted with many a commercial alerting me to this fact.  Well the YT awards happened online last Saturday, November 3rd.  You all watched right?  Well if you didn't you might be out of luck because I can't find the video anywhere, maybe it's now top secret.

Anyway, when you think YouTube Awards you probably think, "cool, a new awards show!" or, "a new awards show, who cares" which is fine, your opinion.  But then there are the fun Nazis who hate everything, "trolling" the internet as usual trying to ruin the peace.

Here is the list of YouTube Award nominees and winners that I found in an MTV article.

Breakthrough of the Year
WINNER: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Kendrick Lamar
Naughty Boy

Response of the Year
WINNER: Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix, "Radioactive"
Boyce Avenue (feat. Fifth Harmony) "Mirrors"
Jayesslee, "Gangnam Style"
ThePianoGuys, "Titanium/Pavane"
Walk Off the Earth (feat. KRNFX), "I Knew You Were Trouble"

Innovation of the Year
WINNER: DeStorm, "See Me Standing"
Anamanaguchi, "Endless Fantasy"
Atoms For Peace, "Ingenue"
Bat For Lashes, "Lilies"
Toro Y Moi, "Say That"

YouTube Phenomenon
WINNER: "I Knew You Were Trouble"
"Gangnam Style"
"Harlem Shake"
"Thrift Shop"

Video of the Year
WINNER: Girls' Generation "I Got A Boy"
Demi Lovato, "Heart Attack"
Epic Rap Battles Of History, "Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney"
Justin Bieber (feat. Nicki Minaj), "Beauty and a Beat"
Lady Gaga, "Applause"
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Mary Lambert) "Same Love"
Miley Cyrus, "We Can't Stop"
One Direction, "Best Song Ever"
PSY, "Gentleman"
Selena Gomez, "Come & Get It"

Artist of the Year
WINNER: Eminem
Epic Rap Battles Of History
Justin Bieber
Katy Perry
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Nicki Minaj
One Direction
Taylor Swift

When I saw that Girls' Generation, I Got a Boy won the video of the year award, I literally yayed out loud (yol).  I don't like Girls' Generation better than Demi Lovato or Lady Gaga, but I was just happy that South Korean music is popular enough in America to get recognized via a YouTube Award.  Yay for Kpop, yay for world music!  Is my response.  That is a difference between me, and stupid people.

Apparently the stupid people, aka fun Nazis' (haters of music groups that are non American, and any group that isn't who they wanted to win) response was to start a big bad racist comment war, because clearly if their preference didn't win then the appropriate thing to do is hate on the one's who did. 

Racist people, kindly go sit in a corner facing a wall and start banging your head against it until your mind starts to open, then you'll literally be open minded :-)

This is why racism tends to make me laugh, it literally ALWAYS exposes the racist for how unsmart they are, and they don't even realize it!  They think they're so cool and funny with their comments of hate that make no sense.  Oftentimes they just throw every racist topic into a sentence and think that it makes sense. 

"Ching chong ching, slant eyed rice eater you're so short that Justin Bieber shoulda won and you should go do math!"  Really?!?  Good one.

The best (worst) part, is that they are encouraged by the other racist dummies who like their comments (notice the number of retweets).  Here are some of the comments that people wrote about Girls' Generation that I got from a Pop Dust article, and the responses from the writer Jacques Peterson.

Girls Generation Racist Tweet 01
The answer is: Tiffany, the member who accepted the award, IS American. She was born and raised in California. Also, her entire acceptance speech was in perfect English. What the hell was this stupid Lovatic watching?
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 02
Maybe because America was on SOUTH Korea’s side during the Korean war, not the North’s.
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 03
How can nobody know who they are when they’re technically the No. 1 girl group in the world today? They’ve sold millions of albums and singles worldwide, they regularly sell out stadiums and arenas across Asia, and they’ve performed at New York’s Madison Square Garden and Australia’s ANZ Stadium. Not to mention that they’ve also performed on The Late Show With David Letterman, Live With Kelly and Michael, and France’s Le Grande Journal. Everyone from indie darling Grimes and rising superstar Lorde all the way to Bill freakin’ Murray knows who Girls’ Generation is. It sounds like this Belieber needs to broaden their musical horizons a bit more.
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 04
“jo$h,” how about you open your mind first and stop the racist cheap shots?
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 05
Girls’ Generation is a South Korean group. What do they have to do with China?
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 08
Wow, schools really need to do a better job of teaching kids that China, Japan, and Korea aren’t all the same place. Do kids today think that Asia is just one big country or something?
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 06
I REALLY hope that English isn’t your first language, because if it is that would be really embarrassing for you.
Girls Generation Racist Tweet 07
Better than bribing YouTube with a bucket full of piss.

But clearly the people who make an effort to hate on others don't make any effort to say something that makes sense.  They must be thinking, ooooohhhhhh I'm so enraged that these people won over who I wanted to win must. say. something. ignorant. in order to feel better about myself so...(enter racist nonsense here).  But I guess it's good that it doesn't make sense because that just further proves that racism DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

Anyone who takes a YouTube Award that seriously clearly needs a life as well as a mental evaluation from a licensed professional.  I'm pretty sure that whatever artist you wanted to win isn't shedding a tear over the loss, let alone cursing and racial slurring the winner. 


Topic:  Everyone just found out that Girls' Generation won YouTube video of the year.
My response: YAY, kpop won a YouTube Award!
Stupid people response: They don't even speak English, these awards are rigged, GO BACK TO       

Dear Fun Nazis,

Take a moment to think about how dumb you make yourself look before spewing hate. 

Thank you,


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